Alice is 14 months old!

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So, A is 14 months old! My heart cannot even handle it. 14 months. As in, over a year. As in, on the cusp of being a toddler. Stop it. And this gal is busy.

This month brought some highs and lows. Well, really only one low which is the Hand Foot and Mouth debacle of 2015. Not pleasant, so let’s move past that!

But we also had plenty of highs as well. First off, A is walking. I wouldn’t call it consistent yet, but she is gradually walking more and more. She has become much more steady on her feet and it’s such a pleasure watching her explore her limits and grow in confidence.Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

She loves to try and stand on our bed. A knows our bed isn’t a place for her to sleep but she’s allows to play in it sometimes if we’re there. I think she enjoys the aspect of trying to balance and when she falls onto the mattress she giggles like crazy. One time I accidentally nudged her and she fell onto the mattress and though that was hilarious, so we make a game of it now. I think she loves the aspect of being surprised by when I nudge her. We are very careful make sure this game only occurs toward the middle of the bed so that she doesn’t fall off (she’s only fallen off once and it was totally under my watch. I felt terrible even though she was a little scared and not at all hurt. Never again will I let her that close to the side! Mommy-fail).

A loves being tickled. I tickle her legs and tell her she has chicken thighs and this makes her laugh like crazy. She was also extremely amused when I brought her bottle up to her and then pulled it back and said “noooooooo.” I normally wouldn’t have tried this because I know how mad I get when people mess with my food but that particular night she had already drank half of the bottle and she wasn’t drinking anymore, she was just playing with it and being goofy. I have never seen my daughter laugh so hard- there were literally tears of laughter streaming down her face. It was the absolute best and I’m pretty sure now, that she has the same sense of humor as J and I.

Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

She is getting more and more proficient with certain toys. There’s a dinosaur toy that you feed these colored discs (each disc represents a fruit or vegetable). She can’t yet distinguish which color and veggie is which when the toy tells her to feed it a specific one. But she’s come a long way in terms of being able to not only get the disc into it’s mouth but now she’s able to complete the task of feeding it so that the disc actually goes all the way in and ultimately ends up in it’s belly where she can get to it by opening the door.

A also enjoys shape sorting toys like this and this and is starting to get really good at getting the shapes all the way through the holes. Her airplane toy is a big favorite because not only does she have the shape sorting aspect (and A has even figured out that her pretend corn on the cob fits through the circle-shaped hole) she can ride it, walk with it, the propeller on the front lights up and it plays sounds and music.

Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

Speaking of music, A’s love for music is stronger than ever! Now she gets excited and even dances. We’re working on teaching her some moves so that she does more than rock to the beat of the music, though I’ll say, her rhythm isn’t too bad (Not as bad as mine haha! Just because I can sing, doesn’t mean I can dance- that’s something she’ll get from her Daddy). When I sing “Little Bunny Foo Foo” she tries to mimic my hand movements, which is too cute.

Sometimes she even tries to sing which is so adorable. It’s too early to tell whether this will be a talent of hers. I’d say she has a 50% shot (sorry J, but it’s true!). And if she can dance like Daddy and sing like Mommy, then she’s well on her way to becoming a triple threat because we already know that she has personality and expressions for days as per this photo shoot.

A loves to get into everything. Each morning while I sit in bed and do my makeup for work, she loves to play with my makeup as well. She tries to brush my hair with my makeup brushes. Once when I was applying primer before a wedding we attended (I only wear mascara, bronzer and cover up unless it’s a special occasion) she saw me rub my hands together and started imitating me. Now she does this whenever she has a lotion bottle in hand.

Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

In an attempt to begin teaching A to clean up the messes that she makes, I’ve developed a little system. Once she’s littered all my makeup and brushes onto the bed, I start picking them up and putting them into the bag while I say (in a musical sort of rhythm) “pick it up…and put it in.” I think this makes it seem fun to her because she will often join in and clean up after herself. 60% of the time it works every time. Thanks, Brian Fantana.

At this point we only ever give A binks at sleep times, which is pretty awesome. Every morning, when one of us goes to get her, she will stand up, take the bink out her mouth and hand it to us. No tears or concerns. It’s almost as though she’s ready to start her day. At this point she’ll already have tossed the rest of her binks out of her crib. I suspect she uses them more to play with than for comfort.

Yesterday evening she started crawling around her crib and picking up the binks that she had thrown (we’re usually good about picking up the other binks but that morning had been a particularly rushed morning so we didn’t have time to pick them up). Instead of trying to put them into her mouth like she previous would have done, she picked them up one by one and turned around and handed them to me with a smile. I couldn’t have been prouder. I’m planning to start transitioning out of the binks for good in the next couple of months.

Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

Food is going pretty well, though A is definitely entering the picky phase as I mentioned last month she’s all about her fruits, carbs and sometimes meat. Veggies are lukewarm. Fish has been tough. To try and combat this, I serve her veggies and certain meats first when she is most hungry. She will usually try everything but sometimes spits things like salmon or green beans out. So odd considering how much she used to love these things.

I don’t push it because I don’t believe in power struggles with kids, especially over food. She will eat. Even if she eats less at one meal, she will eat more at the next. I always try to make sure that there are a variety of things for her to eat on her plate- some things are new to her or not-so-popular foods and others that are tried and true favorites. I don’t replace the foods that she rejects. She never leaves the table hungry, so that’s good. I also noticed that if she has foods that she’s not a huge fan of mixed with things she loves, she’s more open to all of them. So when some of her fish got mixed in with her broccoli, I was happy to see her eating both!

A is still hit or miss about keeping her food on her plate. Part of me wonders if we introduced a plate too early. It’s not a huge deal though. I also recognize that since she doesn’t speak enough English to truly understand much of what we say to her, I’m limited in what I can teach her about manners for a little while As you can imagine I’m counting the days until I can actually explain to her why you can’t spit out food or touch other people’s plates. For now I have to settle for simple no’s.

Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

Our mischievous gal definitely knows what no means, though she doesn’t always listen when we tell her. She’s hears it a lot at the dinner table when she tries to be sneaky and feed Macie. She thinks she’s very stealth. Also, when she tries to steal my silverware, tip her plate over, toss her sippy cup to the floor, spit food out and remove food from her plate. I can only hope that we can someday teach her better table manners, I’d like to think that her first date won’t include her dumping her plate of food onto the table.

A has finally added Mama to her repertoire of words that she knows. She pronounces it as “Muma” which makes my heart burst with joy every single time (even when she looks up at the TV and points to Tom Collichio and says it!). She also says Papa which I think thrills my Dad (that’s his name instead of Grandpa).

A loves to wave hello and goodbye. She blows kisses (a “kiss-kiss”) as well. She’s really good with saying goodbyes. No tears or anything. just lots of waves and kiss-kisses and baby babble. Most nights, when we put her into her crib, she’ll grab a bink and as we’re leaving her room we’ll say “Night night, Alice, we love you” and she’ll blow us kisses and wave us goodnight. After that she’ll usually play with her binks for a couple minutes and then roll over and go to sleep.

We got A a chair from Target. This came about because we noticed that she would constantly sit on the stairs and since we don’t want her to make a habit of sitting in the middle of high traffic areas, it seemed like a good time to get her a chair that is her own size. She loves it, but it’s a bit of a challenge because she also loves to climb it and stand in it. This isn’t a huge deal because she is always supervised when she plays with it but when we tell her no she giggles and tries to make a game of it. We often end up folding the chair up and putting it away to enforce our rules with the chair.

Alice is 14 months! | The Life Jolie

One morning, A woke up around 6 which is very early for her (she’s usually up around 7 but has been known to sleep later!). J woke up with her and brought her downstairs to play. Usually in the morning he makes her a blanket fort, which she loves. But that morning he was especially tired. After she finished her bottle she went over to where he was laying on the couch. He picked her and and she nestled her head in his chest and fell asleep on him. I’m pretty sure this made his entire day.

Our gal is such a sweet girl. She has so much love and spends her life giving it freely. She blows kisses and waves to all her friends in daycare and is always thrilled to play peak-a-boo or to pretend to make soup with Mommy’s pots and pans (we’ve mastered stirring, blowing on it and tasting our pretend soup along with playing drums with the pans). She’s at such a fun, curious and hilarious age and we grow more and more in love with her each day.


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    August 20, 2015 at 11:26 am Aw, so precious! Kids seem to grow up so fast, it's important to cherish each and every day! Your little A seems to be doing so well! Cole recently posted...Mid-Century Living Room TourMy Profile
    • Reply
      August 25, 2015 at 10:17 pm Thank you! Right after we had A, everyone told us how fast it goes. We were in such a fog that we kind of agreed and went back to surviving. NOw that we're over a year in, I finally get it- it flies!!
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    GiGi Eats
    August 20, 2015 at 1:58 pm Those PIGTAILS! I just cannot get enough! GiGi Eats recently posted...Foods Fit Foodies FavorMy Profile
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      August 25, 2015 at 10:16 pm Thank you- they get me every time!
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    August 20, 2015 at 4:35 pm Sometimes we have to become children again to fall in-love with life. children see new things everyday, even when they have seen it before. Sacha recently posted...Wacky WednesdayMy Profile
    • Reply
      August 25, 2015 at 10:15 pm I couldn't agree more- my perspective has totally changed now that I get to see the world through her eyes, and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me.
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    August 20, 2015 at 8:26 pm She is just too cute and I'm so glad I finally got to meet her! It's just amazing how much she knows and understands now. Baby chest sleeping...the best. My boys are doing it right now. And an Anchorman joke...this post was gold. Alyssa recently posted...My crazy, hippie mom life: an updateMy Profile
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      August 25, 2015 at 10:14 pm Thank you :) I wish I could get some chest sleeping but it's all about Daddy!

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