Alice is 19 months old!

That’s right, the madness continues and A just keeps growing and getting bigger!

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

A is still the queen of cooking. She gets up onto her learning tower that J built her and loves handing me potatoes, and adding seasoning and spices to food. She’s gotten quite good at getting in an out of her learning tower, though she gets a bit frustrated when she tried to putt the learning tower over to the counter.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

When I’m cutting up food, A says things like “chop!” and “smash!” (for garlic). We also talk about the sounds things make, like onions frying in oil (“ssssss”) or water boiling hard (“bubble-bubble-bubble!”- she gets a big kick out of this!).

A also enjoys cooking for us on her kitchenette. The kitchenette came with plates, pans and utensils as well as fake food items so she has a good time mixing things and stirring things, then bringing us cups and plates to taste and “cheers” her.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

A’s first licking the spoon experience was a success. Try to ignore my super-sexy-mismatching robe and pj pants combo.

When it comes to real food, A does beautifully for the most part. She still has her off nights but she’s also full of surprises. We went to PF Changs a couple weeks ago. I gave her some white rice with Orange Peel Chicken, which I expected her to love. I also gave her Singapore Noodles which I had no expectations for since it’s heavy in curry and spicy flavors. To my surprise, A barely touched the rice and chicken but demanded more and more of the noodles! I was so proud and all the tables around us, as well as our server couldn’t believe her appetite and kept remarking about how great she was eating.

One area of struggle has been brushing her teeth. She used to love this but lately it’s hit or miss. Some days shes into it and opens her mouth wide for us to get all her molars. Other times , we’re lucky if she’ll chew on the brush for a moment. We try not to turn it into a battle, but it tough because we want to maintain good oral health.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

These two both got to enjoy frozen novelties (I miss you, Margarita popsicles!)

We recently got rid of the binks. It’s definitely been interesting. I started by putting her down sans bink last Friday night. I went back to my room and turned to monitor on and I couldn’t believe she wasn’t making a peep. Until I actually looked at the monitor to find that A had a hidden bink some where in her crib. Sneaky girl.

The next day, her nap was the official first time in her crib without the bink (she’s been off binks for daycare naps for a few weeks now). A was not happy. She definitely cried for exactly 18 minutes but she woke up after her nap in a good mood. It was hard to let her cry, since we never had to do that with regular night sleep. But at the end of the day she’s 19 months old, not an infant. I stayed strong because I know after a few rough days she’ll be better off for it.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

A little morning snuggle one morning when A woke up way earlier than usual. Darn teething!

That night, we put a down with her flash light toy. I figured it would give her something to focus on besides the absence of her bink. Maybe this is considered wrong by parenting standards, but if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right because it worked! I watched her again on the monitor and after playing with the flashlight for less than 5 minutes she rolled over and went to sleep.

Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday. For A’s midday nap J forgot to give her the flashlight so we let her cry a bit and once again it was exactly 18 minutes. For her nights, we’ve given her the flashlight and A is right back to her routine of going right down without a problem.I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call this a win.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

Everyone was enjoying A’s doggie book.

A loves being involved in things. Every meal, when she decides she’s done, she gives us her plate and utensils, the “all done” sign and then I give her a wipe and she wipes her spot as well as her hands and face (not well, but it’s a start!). She’s big on participating in emptying the dishwasher and feeding the dog. We’re starting to get her in the habit of cleaning up her toys, though it’s hit or miss. She especially loves to help me put body butter on my belly.

Bath time is generally good, except for when we wash her hair. She’s gotten a little better, although she still gets mad the minute that water hits her hair. I try to make it fun by showing her how to wash herself and giving her some soap. Once again, a work in progress.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

A little milk on the potty chair.

A’s potty chair has a happy home in our bathroom now. She’ll usually sit on it while I go and before baths. One time, she was sitting on it before her bath and she actually went (#1!). We could not believe it! While neither of us are naive enough to believe she’s actually ready to potty train, it was nice to see a little progress. So of course when she actually used to potty for it’s purpose we made a huge scene of celebrating as if A had just saved the world. Positive reinforcement.

We’re still working on A’s words. She’s recently added go, diaper, thank you (this is hit or miss), love you (this is also hit or miss), whoaaa (this is super cute!), yum and no to the mix. J is totally amused when she uses no. I’m not too excited, although she hasn’t yet gotten petulant about it.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

Daddy dressed her for this photo.

My strategy is that when she needs to do something I don’t ask her if she will clean up her toys. Because then it sets her up to say no. I instead say “Alice, it’s time to clean up your toys” and then I get down and do it with her. Not for her but with her. For now this works. I’m sure as she get’s older she’ll still eventually fight certain things but right now it’s working out. After all, it’s not a negotiation. We’re the parents not A.

She still loves watching dog videos and is still not super into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all that (unless my dad is narrative the whole thing to her). I’m pretty much fine with this because I don’t see a reason for her to be watching endless amounts of TV anyway. A little bit is fine and she’ll have plenty of time to develop her love for all things Disney.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

Daddy went with the easy way of getting her hair out of her face.

She definitely requests the dog videos though, and we give in some of the time. We really try to limit it as there are plenty of other ways for her to spend her time and come summer, we won’t be hiding in our home in front of a screen. She’s super interested in our iPad and phones which we really try to keep away from her. I’m not interested in handing off my $600 electronic device to a toddler. Just no.

There was a time a while back when we let her see them but when it became apparent that she wanted more and more time with them and so we ended that really quickly. Once in a while I’ll let her look over my shoulder if I’m on the iPad and point out dogs and people on Facebook but the minute she goes near that screen that’s the end of that.

Alice is 19 Months Old! | The Life Jolie

Gotta get every last bit of that applesauce!

A is super into dancing and doing interactive things especially with her grandparents. When she goes to my parents house they do the hokey pokey with her and also form a line and march around to the old Mickey Mouse Club theme. It’s too cute!

We’re having such fun watching A grow up. She is learning new things each day and while I know things will be challenging once Bubbles comes, I cannot wait to see them together!

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  • Reply
    January 20, 2016 at 4:01 pm What a sweet post. I love the pics of you guys cooking together!
    • Reply
      January 20, 2016 at 4:34 pm Thank you- we both really enjoy cooking together :)
  • Reply
    January 20, 2016 at 6:00 pm Hi Jessy, Alice is so cute and I loved all your pictures. Don't worry about her. She is just 19 months and she will learn everything once she grows up. :)
    • Reply
      January 21, 2016 at 10:40 am Thank you! That's really nice to say- I'm still having a hard time believing she's as big as she is. I feel like she was born and I blinked and suddenly she was walking!
  • Reply
    January 24, 2016 at 3:53 pm Omg. Dying at her finding the paci hidden in the crib. Too funny! My sister is weaning my six month old niece off hers now and I'm like you are a GENIUS. Because now it terrifies me. Kind of random tangent but one thing I'm trying this year (with my students) is avoiding power struggles by walking away. I feel like it's similar to the "pick up your toys" then just start doing it, which is similar to what we do here. Obviously I can't fully implement it because often times we say no to things that are unsafe and I have to watch to make sure he's not doing it but if it's something we just prefer him not to do (ex. taking all the tissues out of the box) I try to say no then not give him an audience/attention. A work in progress to say the least but that's my random thought process on this post. And of course, she still somehow gets even more adorable! How is it possible?!?
    • Reply
      January 25, 2016 at 10:02 am Thank you- she's a sneaky gal! It wasn't as bad as I expected, but I'm also not above sending her to bed with something safe in place of it. We avoid tantrums by walking away, but in terms of the me asking her to do something power struggle, we only tell her no once. If she doesn't listen we physically take it (or her depending on the situation) away. Tantrums it's just straight up ignoring (the few times we didn't ignore, she continued much longer- I'm totally with you on not engaging that nonsense. No need to teach them that they can get attention by throwing a tantrum). As you probably know some days are harder than others. It's humbling for sure and a nice reminder that none of us are perfect- especially me!

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