Alice is (almost) a nine month old

My sweet baby girl is not going to be a baby for too much longer. Tomorrow she turns nine months old! In case I haven’t driven the point home enough, that’s 75% of the way through her first year on dry land and means that she’s been out here roaming the countryside for about as long as she hung out in that lovely little hot tub they call my uterus. I can’t even. If I wasn’t so busy chasing after and playing with our sweet girl, I would be slightly heartbroken that these beautiful days are passing by so quickly.

A keeps us on our toes these days. She has gotten ridiculously fast at crawling. Sometimes she’ll actually try to chase Macie. While she’s not nearly as fast as the pup, she does get a kick out of trying to catch her.  Sometimes when A crawls, she uses one leg the normal way (on her knee) and the opposite foot to crawl (instead of that knee). This creates a sort of “crab-walk” effect that makes us laugh.

My sweet girl is 9 months! | The Life Jolie

A likes to pull herself up to a standing position whenever she has the opportunity and will stay like that for a decent mount of time. Sometimes she’ll be crawling away from me and head towards something she shouldn’t be. So I’ll put on my stern “Mom” voice and say “Alice-” and at that point she’ll generally stop in her tracks and turn around to look at me. I’ll then say “what are you doing?” with the same tone. Most of the time, upon hearing this, she’ll get a big old smile and crawl right over to me. But once in a while when I ask what she’s doing, she will stare at me for a second as though she knows I don’t want her to continue in the direction where she was headed and then continue that way anyway. And I can almost see the wheels turning in her head as she actively decides to keep going. Mischievous girl!

A loves to babble. She can say Mama and Dada, but she doesn’t really associate them with us (yet). She definitely knows who we are and object permanence has hit full force as she gets finicky and cries if one of us leaves the room (especially Daddy!). I sing to her often, as I am a singer, which she still loves. She tries to sing along and it’s a totally different voice than her speaking voice which charms me. The newest thing is that she’ll slap her lips together, not only when she eats but when she’s hanging out. This a huge pet peeve of mine when anyone else does it. When A does it, it’s simply adorable.

My sweet girl is 9 months! | The Life Jolie

She loves to mimick what we do and is constantly making discoveries. If I take her red bucket and put it over my face while I say “ahhhhh” she’ll watch me closely and then when I put the bucket over her face she’ll also say “ahhhhh” with the same tone and inflection. Tickling her belly and under her arms makes her giggle. Giving her a zerple on her belly (similar to blowing a raspberry but with an open mouth) also makes her giggle, as does hanging her upside down (she shakes her head from side to side and says “aaaahhh” when I do this). She loves when I sit with her on my lap, facing me and I sniff her feet and say “Peeeeeyyyoouuuuuuu!” in an extremely high pitched voice.

Some of the things that used to appeal to her (us yawning, fake-sneezing, clicking our tongues, singing itsy, bitsy spider while doing the hand movements on her) don’t amuse her as much. She still loves shoe laces, her bouncer and excersaucer. She will do anything for my phone or iPad (which I’m not thrilled about and don’t allow her to have).

My sweet girl is 9 months! | The Life Jolie

A is still an excellent eater as you’ll note from my weekly documentation of A’s eating habits. She is just starting to figure out how to drink from a sippy cup and still refuses to hold her bottle. I think she definitely grasps the whole “work smarter, not harder” concept in that regard!

She still sleeps like a champ, though she is pushing her bedtime back a bit, which we’re fine with (not that we have a choice!). At this time, she does down around 7:30pm/8pm and usually wakes around 6:30am though sometimes she wakes a bit earlier or a bit later. She’s currently taking 2 naps per day, though the naps at home tend to last longer than at daycare.

A currently has her two bottom front teeth popping though. I expected this to be much worse than it has been. She still has her finicky moments and when they first started coming through she had a night or two where she cried a bit but this passed quickly (thank goodness!) I can tell that more teeth are starting, but nothing more has come through at this time. She does love watching us brush our teeth. I hope that this interest remains as she gets older. Maybe she’ll be a dentist!

My sweet girl is 9 months! | The Life Jolie

We’re still pretty entrenched in our basic routine of eat/play/sleep though the play intervals last much longer at this point. I’m still not consistent in terms of when she gets solid food- this is really an area that I need to work on so that we’re consistent by one year, but all in due time. A is really good about going with the flow, so when we do stray from our routine here and there, she handles it really well. We will soon be taking A on her first trip, to Nashville to visit some of our family. I’ll be very interested to see how A handles the flight and the time change.

This is such a fun time in A’s development and getting the privilege of watching her learn and make discoveries each day is such a beautiful blessing. She really is one of the most awesome people I know (yes, I know, I’m biased) and it’s thrilling to finally be getting glimpses of her unique personality. I can’t believe I’m (pretty much) a mom to a nine month old!

What is your favorite stage in baby’s first year?

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    March 22, 2015 at 6:34 pm So, so cute! Priceless moments. :)
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      March 23, 2015 at 4:19 pm Thank you :)
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    March 25, 2015 at 5:36 am She is so adorable! I love how she mimics you. Too cute. It's such a cliché but it really does FLY BY. I'm glad to hear she's pushing her bedtime back. Dalton recently moved to a much earlier time and I hate it. Although he did just party with me for an hour at 3am so I guess we will just make up for it.
    • Reply
      March 25, 2015 at 12:31 pm Thank you- she's in a really fun stage right now. It really, really does go by so fast! I would be so sad if A pushed her bedtime earlier- it's so hard to get quality time during the work week. Hang in there- he will sleep eventually but at least you get extra snuggle time with your handsome man :)

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