Alice’s first emergency room visit.

We had a long night last night, to say the least. I worked until 8pm, which is generally the case most Thursday nights. I’ve been a little congested and under the weather. A was fast asleep as expected and at 10:30pm I put together a bottle to give her a dream feed as I always do (which usually gets us through the night, knock on wood).

Usually, she’ll feed and basically keep sleeping during the feed and go right back down. Last night, however, she was actually starting to cry right before I made the bottle. I figured it was just a little congestion, which is nothing new for A. When I picked her up, she started coughing. At first I thought she might be about to spit up so I called for J to bring me a new burp cloth but by the time he got into her room, she was still coughing and seemed as though she was having a difficult time breathing.

E room 1

At this point J took her into our room while I started to call our Pedi’s after hours line. J was trying to calm her down, as she was quite worked up and still having a hard time breathing. She wasn’t turning blue or anything but it was definitely scary. J called 911 at this point, which he later said was because he didn’t want to take any chances.

An officer arrived almost immediately (which wasn’t entirely unexpected because we live in a small village). He was asking us some questions but there wasn’t a ton that he could do. Still, he was very nice and meant well.

E room 3

Shortly thereafter, the paramedics arrived. They listened to her chest, which was clear (her coughs were all extremely throaty). Her oxygen levels were fine but her cough had a bark to it and the paramedics were thought it would be a good idea to bring her to the hospital just to be safe. We were originally going to drive her, but agreed when they also said they should take her in the ambulance as a precaution, since they have everything there in the event that her breathing takes a turn. By now she had calmed down but once in a while was still having the barking cough and a little difficulty breathing (specifically if she got upset).

I rode in the ambulance while J followed us in one of our cars. I was pretty much a nervous wreck the entire way there. I have anxiety to begin with, but I stayed very quiet and just tried to stay calm. The paramedic in the back with me was very nice and went through all of the questions with me. He was very, very good about reassuring me that she was doing well.

Upon our arrival, we were checked in and brought to a “room” in triage. By room I mean a small room with no forth wall that was split into 2 with a curtain dividing it. There as a mother and her 5 year old daughter next to us. As the night progressed, we learned that her poor daughter was hit by a car. Luckily, her injuries were minor, but I felt terrible for the little girl, especially when the Doctor had to re-set her toe. All things considered, she did very well and seemed very brave. I felt bad for her mom, as she had been up for almost 24 hours at that point (they were from 2 hours south of our city). We managed to get a lot of info as the mom was quite chatty, J and I think she was craving a little adult conversation at that point (and rightfully so).E room 2

As with every emergency room situation that isn’t dire, things moved pretty slow. A did very well though. She remained relatively calm. She was obviously tired and likely hungry since she didn’t get her dream feed (the paramedics told us not to feed her earlier on).

The one of the nurses came in and went over what was going on and checked her out pretty quickly.  Then we waited for a couple hours before we saw the Doctor. A slept on J and I for most of this time but was also up looking around a bit.

Eventually the Doctor finally made his was in. He was a young guy, very friendly demeanor. After checking her over, and conferring with the other Doctor, they decided to give her a small dose of a steroid to prevent further breathing issues in the short term. After more waiting, they finally administered the steroid and eventually allowed us to return home.

E room 4

Through all of this, the nurses popped their heads in periodically to see if we needed anything and one even brought a really cute stuffed dog in for A. She was fascinated by the dog, which was almost her size. She especially liked the paper tag on it, as always. This was the hospital I delivered at and as with last time, everyone we dealt with was so very kind to us.

We finally got home around 4am. I gave A her bottle and she went right down.

I don’t know what else to say about this, other than that I’m she grateful that things weren’t worse. We are so blessed in many, many ways. I’m especially appreciative of all the medical professionals and the officer from last night. These people were so kind and good to us. A is still not 100%, but is doing a lot better and that’s all we can really ask. Hopefully this was her first and last emergency room visit.


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