Alice’s Milestones

When I was pregnant and especially right after A was born, people were constantly telling me “Enjoy it, it goes by so quickly.” At the time I heard what they were saying, but I must admit that I didn’t truly listen. This was likely due to me being so wrapped up in either wanting A to be out on dry land when I was pregnant or wishing that the difficult parts of the early postpartum time were done so that I would stop being a hormonal mess and could finally get some sleep once she was actually here.

Alice's Milestones | The Life Jolie

Now that we’re about 7.5 months in, the dust has settled and we have finally begun to settle into a routine. Life is still crazy busy and we’re getting much more comfortable in our new normal. Through these past several months, I’ve been keeping a list of A’s various milestones and at what week/month they occur. I have this pipe dream that I’ll eventually put together this beautiful baby book for her. Whether this will actually come to fruition remains to be seen (I don’t feel too horrible since she will some day be able to look back on an entire blog that documents many of our family’s memories).

This past week we had 2 major milestones occur within days of each other. A began crawling and shortly thereafter she began to pull herself up into a standing position while holding onto whatever (or whoever) is around her for support. This is the part of the post where I tell you what an odd feeling it is to be so excited and proud while at the same time a bit heartbroken that it’s going so fast with a splash of terror thrown into the mix over the mere concept of a more mobile baby roaming the land.

Alice's Milestones | The Life Jolie

Still, the overwhelming pride and excitement for our gal was definitely the most prominent in this array of feelings. It’s hard not to get excited because every single time A makes it up onto her feet, she is very obviously proud of herself and gets really happy, looking around to whomever is in the room to make sure they saw and are cheering. I die from the cuteness every time.

Shortly after these milestones occurred, I went into the notes app within my phone to add these to the ever-growing list of A’s milestones and it finally hit me; it goes by so quickly. It sounds so cliche, but it really, really does. It feels like just last week, my sweet girl was a teeny, tiny newborn who would nap all day in our arms and had these quiet little newborn cries.

Alice's Milestones | The Life Jolie

Now she’s wearing 9 month size clothes, exploring every nook and cranny of whatever happens to be in front of her. And when she cries it’s LOUD. Girlfriend has a set of pipes. When Daddy leaves the room she gets pissed, and she makes sure that everyone knows (which I kind of get, I mean he is pretty awesome- she’s a TOTAL daddy’s girl!). When we get to daycare to pick her up, she gets super happy, and starts waving that clumsy, sweet little wave while she raises her voice to a higher pitch to mimic the tone I take when I say hi to her. I’m having to purchase shoes for her to wear to daycare so that she doesn’t slip because she insists on standing up and this doesn’t bode well with a smooth surface and footie pajamas (yes, we’re those people that sent our baby to daycare in pj’s each day *hangs head in shame*). Shoes are no longer a frivolous extra items that are super cute but off in a flash. Stop it, Alice. Soon you’re going to be driving and I need your snuggles just a little bit longer.

Here is a list of all of A’s milestones thus far. I intend to update this as more occur:

  • Rolled from belly to back- 5 weeks
  • Smiled- 7 weeks for Grammy (sorry mom, doesn’t count because I didn’t see it!), 8 weeks for us
  • Found fingers- 8 weeks
  • Held a toy- 14 weeks
  • Rolled from back to belly- 16 weeks
  • Blow raspberries- 16 weeks
  • Started purees- 4.5 months
  • Full night’s sleep- 4.5 months
  • Giggles- 5/6 months
  • Sitting up unsupported- 6.5 months
  • Waving/imitating “hi”- 7 months
  • Eating actual solids- 7 months
  • Crawl- 7.5 months
  • Pull self up into standing position (and stay there with support)- 7.5 months
  • Object permanence- 7.5 months
  • First word (Doggie)- 1 year
  • Walking- 14 months

…And now I’m going to cry over my baby-whose-not-going-to-be-a-baby-for-long. Is anyone else having a hard time coping with it all going too fast?




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