A’s birth announcement

I just realized that I never shared A’s birth announcement.

One of the perks of having a friend who happens to be an amazing graphic designer / art teacher extraordinaire is that whenever we need any sort of stationary or paper items, we have someone to call (as we say in sales- everyone needs a guy, or in this case, a gal). I only wish we had known her before we got married. But c’est la vie! Onto A’s birth announcement. Try to imagine that there is a last name under Rose in the same color and font as Introducing.

Photo credit to Chelse Thompson of EIEIO Photography and design credit to Erica of Erica Main Design.

A's Birth Announcement | The Life Jolie

The front of the announcement.

A's Birth Announcement | The Life Jolie

The back of the announcement. We had a hard time deciding which images to use. So we used a few.


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