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We officially have an 8 month old baby who is looking to make discoveries and roaming the countryside (or at least the living room)! After seeing that horrible yet effective Superbowl Commercial, J and I realized that it’s high time we baby-proofed our home.

Here's a list of how we baby proofed our home- we didn't go crazy, but we got some basic things to start.

Let me start by saying that I’m certainly not an expert. The way we do things is what works for our family. I encourage you to go out and do your own research before moving forward with anything, especially where safety is concerned. Additionally, this is all subject to change based on A’s unique and specific needs as they arise and things could be totally different with the next kid based on their needs as well.

Here's a list of how we baby proofed our home- we didn't go crazy, but we got some basic things to start.

I’m not looking to be a helicopter mom. I also don’t think that it’s in A’s best interest to take every single little thing out of her way. For example, when I initially posted photos on my personal Facebook of A’s nursery, one of the people who commented remarked about how I better enjoy the apothecary jars while I can because soon we’d have to remove them to accommodate A. The implication was that she would obviously destroy them. While I’m all for everyone parenting their own way, for our family I believe that it’s important to have certain things within A’s reach that she cannot touch. It’s our job as parents to teach A about boundaries. Not everything in her path is for her. If I get every single non-baby item out of A’s way and completely design our house to accommodate her, then what is going to happen when we eventually take A to a childless friends house and she doesn’t understand when we set the boundaries regarding their items that she cannot touch? This doesn’t mean that I’ll be leaving breakable items that are important to us and / or items that are blatantly dangerous directly in her path. But maybe those apothecary jars are a good opportunity to teach A about boundaries. Why not teach her these lessons from the start?

Here's a list of how we baby proofed our home- we didn't go crazy, but we got some basic things to start.

While we’re talking about boundaries, I’m all for setting firm boundaries for A and then giving her plenty of freedom to explore and make her own discoveries within those boundaries. So while I plan to baby proof certain things that I view as particularly dangerous, I will also leave certain things accessable for exploration (such as the bottom drawer in the kitchen containing tupperware) and other things, we will teach are specifically off limits (like the apothecary jars). Note, that through this we will continue to use common sense. We won’t just allow A to roam the house on her own. We won’t be hovering over her, but our eye will be on her and on the look out for teaching opportunities until she’s old enough to play on her own without us watching her (which is not in the near future).

So to start our “work-in-progress” I picked up the following:

Here's a list of how we baby proofed our home- we didn't go crazy, but we got some basic things to start.

This photo includes the following:

  1. Kidco Anti-Tip Furniture Straps
  2. Anti-tip TV Straps
  3. Dreambaby Safety Catches
  4. Munchkin Plug Covers

Our thought process is to cover certain outlets within her reach (at least until we can teach her to steer clear). Furniture straps for the dresser and shelving unit in her room (she doesn’t spend much time in our room roaming around and the furniture in our living room is either much to heavy for A to move (or any of us without help for that matter) or already attached to the wall (specifically the built in shelves). The Anti-tip TV strap is a direct result of the aforementioned commercial and my high anxiety. The safety catches will only be on the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink as those are places where potentially dangerous items are stored. All other cabinets contain items that are not dangerous and may be fun for A to explore. We are still on the hunt for a baby gate that is effective but nice to look at.

What has everyone else’s experience been with baby proofing?


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