Helping your baby sleep through the night: Tools of the trade

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I’m back with part three of my series on helping your baby sleep through the night. If you’ve read the other two installments, you’re likely well-versed in managing your expections and know exactly what you need to do to set your baby up for success.

Today I’m going to share the items that were super helpful in teaching our babies how to sleep. The tools of the trade, if you will. So without further ado, I’ll get right to it:

Here is some practical advice and tips on how to help your baby sleep through the night. Specifically all of the titems that helped us teach out girls to sleep through the night. These items helped both of our girls SO much and they're both fantastic sleepers!!

Sound Machine– White noise helps make baby’s room/sleep area feel more like the womb where they just spent nine months. We like the Sleep Sheep because it’s adorable and it turns off after a specific period of time (so it’s not on all night). We opted for the travel version because it’s more compact. It attaches to things, which I find to be very convenient and it was around the same price as the full size one.

Miracle BlanketSwaddles are an amazing way to help comfort your newborn and keep them calm and cozy. They mimic the womb in keeping them all bundled up. We have two different swaddles we like. The first is the Miracle  Blanket. We love this for when our babies are brand new because the flaps inside keep them from escaping their little burrito wrap (trust me, we tested a ton of dfferent swaddlesand there were many that we couldn’t stand!).

Halo SleepSack Swaddle– This is the swaddle we love for when our babies are bigger and approaching the time when they’ll need to stop being swaddled. The reason this works so well for that transition is because the flaps are on the outside and held down by velcro. I find that my girls had a much easier time breaking out of these swaddles and that works out beautifully for the transition out of a swaddle because you can start by popping one arm out and then both (and still velcro the flaps around your baby’s torso so they get that sensation of it hugging them similar to a full swaddle except their arms will be out). Remember, once your baby starts showing signs of trying to start rolling over, it’s time to transition out of the swaddle since they can be dangerous to wear once your baby starts rolling.

Halo SleepSack Once our girls started rolling and swaddles were officially a thing of the past, we still needed to keep our girls warm, especially in our freezing Western New York winters. Since blankets aren’t exactly a safe option with young babies, these sleeps sacks were the perfect solution to keep our girls warm and cozy in a way that was safe for them to move around as needed (once they began rolling they would generally roll onto their bellies right away after I put them to bed on their backs).

Blackout Blinds or Curtains– These are especially great to have during the summer when the sun sets and rises earlier. I found that my girls slept a bit longer and stayed consistent with their bed times a lot easier when there wasn’t sunshine streaming in through their window.

Night Diapers– We didn’t add these until our girls were just over six weeks old and the colostrum was fully out of my milk (which meant less night poops since colostrum works like natural laxative). They hold more which means we didn’t have mess with changing diapers in the middle of the night during feeds and potentially waking them fully by undressing them.

Night Light– I think it’s super important to have a good night light. The funny thing is, I initially chose our night light because I thought it was super cute. Ahhhhhh, the good old days when aesthetics took precedence over practicality. Luckily, it also ended up being a rock solid night light that provides just enough light to do night feeds without being so bright that it wakes your baby.

Video Monitor– I’m a firm believer in having a video monitor. In addition to calming all that new-mama anxiety once your baby starts sleeping in their own room, our video monitor plays a vital roll in “The Pause” and allowed us to watch our babies and see if they were actually waking and needing something, or if they were simply shifting in their sleep or between sleep cycles.

These items all helped us in a huge way in our journey to teach our babies to sleep. While nothing is foolproof and things happen sometimes that may cause your baby to wake. But it never hurts to have the right tools available to you to help your baby sleep through the night!

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