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One of the great things about the holiday season is the abundance of delicious treats! So I’ve put together a guide of all my recipes that are delicious and easy options to make for all parts of your holiday meals. Christmas food never tasted so good!

Christmas Food Guide Sections:

Christmas Appetizers

In our family we love making a variety of Christmas party appetizers to enjoy. There are several great options for easy Christmas appetizers: finger foods, dips, antipasto platters, cheese boards, hot hors d’oeuvres. It really comes down to hat you’re in the mood for. Here’s a list of some of my favorite Christmas appetizer recipes!

Christmas Dinner Recipes for the Main Dish 

One of the first things to think about when making your Christmas Dinner Menu is the main dish. What will be the centerpiece of your meal? Whether you go with a traditional Christmas dinner or shake things up with something unexpected, these Christmas dinner ideas for main dishes are a great place to start. And you can also check out my full list of main dishes if you’re looking for something a little less traditional but still delicious!

Christmas Side Dishes

Once you have you main dish figured out for Christmas dinner, it’s time to decide what Christmas dinner side dishes with best round out the meal. Here are a ton of awesome Christmas vegetable side dishes and starch side dishes that will leave your guest fighting for seconds!

Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is a time honored tradition in many families and ours is not different. I’ve compiled a slew of fantastic Christmas cookie recipes to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters (I have two young kids, after all!). Among my favorites are various Italian Christmas cookies, traditional Christmas cookies that we all love and grew up with, Christmas shortbread cookies and many others to choose from.

Christmas Desserts

While I love cookies, to me, they’re only part of the wide array of delicious Christmas dessert recipes out there. So I’ve compiled a list of easy Christmas desserts. This does include cookies but also includes great cakes, pies, cupcakes and various other confections.

Christmas Morning Breakfast

When it comes to Christmas breakfast, some families love to go big while others like to keep it simple. Which ever option you prefer, I have a ton of awesome Christmas breakfast ideas to make your Christmas morning breakfast unforgettable.

Recipes to use Christmas Leftovers

Once the holiday is over, you’re often left with a ton of leftovers! No one likes waste so I figured it would be good to share some recipes that are an excellent way to repurpose all those tasty Christmas leftovers into brand new dishes!

Homemade Christmas Gifts

These are some great options for homemade gifts that people actually want to receive.  Not only are they super tasty but they’re homemade Christmas gift ideas that seriously easy to make.

General Christmas Recipes

If you’re not ready to narrow things down by course, here is a full list of all the recipes that work well for various facets of the Christmas meal.