Have a look at our home.

Once upon a time, J and I met in NYC where we both rented apartments. We also started our marriage off renting apartments in Las Vegas and eventually Western New York. After we’d been married for a few years, we finally decided it was time to purchase a house of our very own. So we spent two very long years looking for a great home (which is a whole other post!) before the stars aligned and God popped this pretty little house right into our waiting laps. After struggles and battles to get several other houses, it’s as though everything came together beautifully and at exactly the right time for us.

Have a look at our home | The Life Jolie

It’s a little blurry and for some reason the only place I could locate it was Instagram, but it’s our first dinner in our new home.

So when Urban Compass reached out to me and asked me to write a post about our first home, I got excited because I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to show some of our home (in all of it’s unfinished glory) so that you can see the progress as we continue to make it our own.

Have a look at our home | The Life Jolie

One of our friends made us this beer pong table as a house warming gift. It lives in the garage in the summer and in the basement in the winter. On a side note, this may be the most epic beard that I’ve seen on J.

There are a few rooms that are in particularly rough shape, and I’m just not ready to show them to the world. But at least I can give a good idea of where we are at now in terms of the rooms that get the most use and the bit of progress we’ve made thus far. It’s also too cold for outdoor photos, and everything is covered with snow, but I’ll look forward to showing the outside of our home in the spring, as we have some plans for this summer for working on the outside.Have a look at our home | The Life JolieAfter dealing with tiny apartment kitchens that didn’t even fit half of my kitchen items, our kitchen in this house is a relief. The cabinetry is not my favorite, but its in pretty good shape and will stay as is for a while. We recently replaced the dishwasher and our refrigerator is slowly on it’s way out. Eventually, I’d like to change the counter tops, sink/faucet, floors and add a back splash. I’ve wanted white cabinetry for a long time (or a different shade and more contemporary door style) but I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince J that it’s a good idea. For now much of this will stay as is.

Have a look at our home | The Life Jolie

…And of course our messy little command center.

We were originally considering turning that little nook into a wet bar, but that seemed silly considering the fact that the sink is just across the room. Those small drawers that still have the old nobs on them will eventually be removed as those spaces are the perfect size to build into wine storage.Have a look at our home | The Life Jolie

We purchased the sectional shortly before A was born (it arrived after). Currently one of the pieces is on the other side of the side table, as that had been hanging in our bedroom so that the Christmas Tree had a decent spot. Looking back, we probably could have left it. I’d really like to put the piece back in and get a small upholstered chair (a slipper chair?) to hang out on that side of the room. I hope to eventually switch out the end tables and their matching media stand.Have a look at our home | The Life Jolie

J hacked some Billy Bookcases to create the built-ins, which I love. We planned to add crown molding, but life got busy (who knew delivering a baby would create less free time *sarcasm*). I actually don’t like the color that is on the back of them and am currently searching for affordable removable wall paper in a lighter, more neutral color/pattern (maybe with a tiny bit of gold in it, but I’m not sure). You’ll note that we are half way through taking our Christmas decorations down.Have a look at our home | The Life Jolie

Our bathroom is what it is at this point. We’d eventually like to replace the tub, vanity, mirror, and floors. So pretty much everything. But it serves it’s purpose beautifully. The bathroom is hooked onto our master, which is not ideal, being that it’s the only bathroom besides the one in the basement. But we make it work.

You can already see our master bedroom in it’s transitional state here and A’s nursery which is the only finished room here. That leaves the entryway/dining room and the guest room/eventual baby #2 room, both of which currently serve as catch-alls. Our basement is a mess of boxes of stuff that we need to go through as is half of our garage (the other half holds my car).

So this is what we’re currently working with. We learned throughout our house hunt that we want a smaller house, at least for this season of our life. The moment we stepped out of our car and onto the drive way for the first time, it immediately felt like our home. We just knew. This is the home we brought our beloved baby home to. She’s not super pretty yet (the house, not the baby!). But she’s ours and we love her.

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