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Did I ever mention that my best friend Lisa is a bartender in Nashville? She works in one of the huge bars on Broadway way that has multiple level, food, live music and some of the best Mixologists in the business. Lisa really knows her stuff and she was gracious to share with us some of her favorite gift ideas for the cocktail enthusiasts!

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide - The Best Home Bar Essentials for Cocktail Enthusiasts from a Professional Bartender. So many great bar accessories!

Best Home Bar Essentials for Cocktail Enthusiasts

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Here are the best bar accessories for cocktail enthusiasts:

  1. 4-Piece Cosmopolitan Cocktail/Martini Glasses– Sex and the City Themed Brunch? Why, yes, I’d love an invite!
  2. Professional Cocktail Shaker Bar Set– This is a great stater set with the essentials that you’ll need to begin slinging cocktails in the comfort of your home!
  3. The Homemade Gin Kit– Gin is making a huge comeback! Get ahead of the trend and make some fantastic homemade gin!
  4. Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails– This is a great option for the home bartender. Not only will you find modern versions of classic cocktails but you’ll also find some using more obscure spirits.
  5. Dirty Martini Cocktail Kit– It’s always a good idea to have the fixings around to make a classic Dirty Martini. So why not have the perfect little Altoid-style tin to take with you, so you’re always prepared when the need strikes? They also make an Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit, a Champagne Cocktail Kit, and this Absinthe Louche Kit if a Dirty Martini isn’t your style.
  6. Electric Wine Opener– What kind of wine-lover would I be if I didn’t include some sort of wine accessory on this list? The battle with your cork screw is officially done and you’ll never go back!
  7. Hiware Mixing Glass– This is a total pro-piece but it’s great for anyone who loves cocktails and looks pretty cool too!
  8. WHISKEYSAFE Protective Travel Carry Case With Customizable Interior– My friends, it’s always a good thing to protect the things that are most important to you. Your kids. Your diamonds. Your whiskey. This carrying case is a great option to protect your booze. Since it’s completely customizable, you can also include all your accessories in one safe place.
  9. Ice Ball Maker Mold– Speaking of whiskey, if you’re a whiskey or scotch or bourbon drinker (or prefer any sort of spirits on the rocks) you need these! Large ice cubes dilute more slowly and and they don’t water down the Whiskey the way typical ice cubes do. And they look pretty cool too!
  10. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set– Raise your hand if you love a good Moscow Mule *flails hands in the air with reckless abandon* A good Moscow Mule Deserves a good copper mug and I’ve got you covered!

My favorite boozy recipe is:

Boozy Gummy Bears

An angled view of Boozy Gummy Bears in a glass container with the front ones in focus.

Another great cocktail recipe is:

Grapefruit Sparkler

This Grapefruit Sparkler is a festive champagne cocktail! I love adult beverages featuring sparkling wine and this is simple to make and refreshing to drink at brunch or to ring in the New Year. This pretty drink will be a mainstay at your next girls night

You can find a full index of my recipes here.

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