In loving memory: Mimi Repp

Last night, my sweet Aunt moved on from this earth and into God’s loving arms.

mimi repp 1

Photo credit to Earl Repp

Aunt Mimi was such a strong, independent woman. She was forward thinking and always had something interesting and intelligent to add to a conversation. I really looked forward to getting to sit and chat with her whenever we would get together. Her clever wit was always a great contribution to our family gatherings.

She was a person that always gave more than she took. Aunt Mimi had the brightest smile and a warm welcoming presence that just drew you in. Now that I’m a mother, I look at all of the parent-figures in my life with new, more appreciative eyes. I see so much in the mother that my Aunt was to both of her daughters that inspires me. The way she treated them and interacted with them. The sensibilities and integrity that she instilled in them. My heart aches that she won’t get to share in the joys that will surely fill the rest of my cousin’s lives. You could tell just how proud she was of the beautiful women they’ve become.

mimi repp 2

Photo credit to Earl Repp

Likewise, the love she shared with my Uncle was that of all the greatest love stories. It is rare to come across a couple that has been married for a very long time and still has that spark that you tend to see in newer couples. It was always so clear that not only were they each others love, they were each others best friend. The joy they took in even the most simple conversations gave you the impression that every day was like their first date. Not one of those awkward first dates. But those rare and wonderful first dates where you find a unique connection with the other person and you just cannot get enough of them.

mimi repp 3

Photo credit to Earl Repp

She had a tremendous skill and talent for sewing, and was so generous in sharing those talents. Her and my Uncle traveled to some amazing places together. She sang in her church choir and was dedicated to God.

mimi repp 4

There are no words that can fully explain how much she will be missed. I’m grateful for the time I was got to spend with her and learn from her. I look forward to some day seeing her again.

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