Lets talk about our dog Macie

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging since October and haven’t mentioned our dog Macie! Shame on me! This is Macie:

Our sweet dog, Macie!

She is around 15 pounds of pure love. Macie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix. A Cavapoo? She is our first baby and we couldn’t love her more.

We first met Macie back in 2010 when she was about 2 weeks old. She was teeny tiny, about the size of my (pretty small) hand and she was fast asleep in typical newborn fashion. They called her a “pocket rottweiler” because of her coloring and her still-straight coat (the curls came along around 5 weeks). On that first day meeting her, as she napped on my lap, she opened her eyes for the first time and J and I were the first people she saw. We loved her from that moment on.

Stop with this face!

Once she was old enough, we were able to bring our sweet girl home. While she was a bit timid on the first day, I’d say it was a pretty smooth transition. She potty trained within the first week (gotta love bell training!) and crate trained pretty easily as well. She loves to play and snuggle.

Macie is not a gal who lets anything stand in her way. Within a few days of her being home with us, she actually used my body as a ladder to climb onto our couch (I was sitting on the floor). While she wasn’t really into chewing everything she could find, there was a very short period of time that she chewed a portion of the carpet in our apartment.

Our sweet pup!

Macie is extremely smart. She’s a very good listener and loves to “chat.” She thrives on human affection and she is extremely passive around other dogs (until she warms up to them and then it’s playtime). I attribute this to the fact that she was the only puppy in her litter. From the time she was a pup, if she is outside with us and isn’t on a leash, she won’t stray far from J or I. If we’re laying down she will come and rest her face on top of ours and stay completely still as long as we will allow her too. We call these puppy hugs (or sometimes smothering!). I think she picked it up because we always pick her up and hug her, holding completely still for a few seconds. It’s her way of showing love, which is so sweet (until you can’t breath, then it’s time to move her).

She loves snuggles!

When I was pregnant, Macie definitely knew something was up. While she loves me, she is 100% a daddy’s girl just like A. But once I was pregnant, Macie made a point to give me a ton of extra snuggles. It’s like she knew I needed some extra love.

Macie was a pro with A from the start, I touched on their first time meeting each other in my post about my experience in the early days of being home. For the first few months, Macie pretty much stayed out of A’s way. Once in a while she gave her some snuggles but for the most part she steered clear. There were a couple times that J and I would be on the floor playing with A and we could see Macie on the couch across the room and could tell she was feeling a little left out. At that point we would always call her over and include her. She would always jump right up and come over with her tail wagging. She never really behaved in a jealous way, but I can tell that she especially loves the nighttime after A goes to bed because she has J and I all to herself. She knows that at night the bed is her domain and I think that makes her happy. Interestingly, after A arrived Macie began sleeping under the covers with us, before then it was only on top of them.

Our two babies!

Once A got a bit older and began doing more than crying and sleeping, Macie began to really recognize A as another human to love in her home. She frequently comes up to A and greets her when she gets home and often gives her kisses. Now that A is mobile and into everything, we are really working on teaching her to be gentle with Macie. There were a couple times that A grabbed Macie’s ears back when she was around six months old. While it scared the pup, she followed her first instinct which was to run away. I’m not surprised by this. Macie has always had a very sweet, passive temperament. A has gotten very good about being gentle and now that she can crawl has a lot of fun trying to crawl after Macie. Both seem to enjoy it, though A isn’t quite as fast as our pup.

She hates costumes.

I’m so excited for A to grow up with Macie as her dog. It’s clear that they love each other already. I truly believe that dogs are family and we’re so lucky to have such a sweet gal!

Are you a person who loves your pet as family?

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    April 5, 2015 at 9:25 pm Oh my gosh. That picture of her as a tiny dog newborn melted even my black dog hating heart. Alyssa recently posted...Switched at birth?My Profile
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      April 5, 2015 at 9:30 pm Thank you- she was a super cute puppy. It's so funny, there was a person on the wait list before us tat had "first dibs" on Macie, but they rejected her because they wanted a lighter colored dog. It blew my mind because I love her coloring, but ultimately fell in love with her sweet personality.

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