Master Bedroom Built-in Closet Plans

Our quest to organize our bedroom is chugging along slowly. One major aspect of this will be updating our closet built-ins. Justin originally installed some built-in shelves to our closets over a year ago. He admitted that he rushed to just get them in and while they aren’t the prettiest, they are sturdy and have served their purposes.

Now that we’ve used them for over a year, we both have a better idea of what our needs are and what items need a home. I know for sure that I could definitely be utilizing the space better. As you saw in our initial post about organizing our master bedroom, I have many items that need homes.

Here is my current closet:Master Bedroom Built In Closet Plans | The Life Jolie

Here is J’s current closet:Master Bedroom Built In Closet Plans | The Life Jolie

So I sat down, did some browsing on Pinterest and analyzed the items that need homes. My goals for my closet are as follows:

  1. Keep the two bars for hanging (I like having the dresses up top and the tops and some dress pants on the bottom).
  2. Figure out a solution for shoes that I don’t wear often (frequent-use shoes and boots will need to live in the downstairs closet).
  3. Create jewelry storage and if possible a small vanity area.
  4. Create accessory storage (belts, scarves and bags).
  5. Have hooks to hang certain “in use” items like my work bag during the week, etc. (as you saw above, there are currently hooks, but they are partially inside of the closet and difficult to get to).
Master Bedroom Built In Closet Plans | The Life Jolie

Gotta love the shadow of me photographing this. I’m so fancy.

So after kicking these things around a bit, I came up with this (excuse my terrible drawing skills and failure to illustrate the closet in accurate proportions):

Here are some things to note about the plan:

  • The shoe shelves are meant to slide out like those sliding shelves you find in kitchens (this can get pretty pricey, but I’m currently exploring some DIY options to lessen the blow- the one we go with will ultimately be up to J as he is the boss of this whole operation, I’m just the mastermind. Let’s hope he enjoys this one opportunity to be the boss, it is rare that a control freak like me shares the control).
  • The scarf and belt storage are also on sliders as per this tutorial over at View Along the Way.
  • The vanity area and the necklace hooks are also inspired by this gorgeous closet over at View Along the Way.
  • I intend to make some earring storage following this tutorial at I Heart Organizing.
  • I’m hoping to have enough space to recycle one of the large baskets from the current closet to hold my purses (I don’t have many purses as I primarily go between the diaper bag and the work bag. I also prefer quality over quantity when it comes to bags).
  • There is a part of me that really wants to have J build some small drawers for more jewelry and smaller items but I’m pretty sure that J would not be a happy camper if I piled that onto the honey-do list.

Will all of this come to fruition? Debatable. I’m hopeful, but I also recognize that we have other things to focus on in our home. J doesn’t have all the time in the world. It will be interesting to see how the closet shapes up once the building begins. One way or another it will be nice for the closets to become at least a bit more functional and to have a more finished look. The currently plan is to paint then white, though a part of me would love to paint them a fun color or even throw some removable wall paper in the back of mine (I can already feel J rolling his eyes at that idea after the hell that he went through removing the wall paper in the master and the kitchen from the previous owners- I’m pretty sure they were there before the gentleman that sold us the house).

Hopefully, I’ll have a fun update in the coming weeks for the closet. I have no idea what J is even planning for his. The first order of business will be removing the current closet built-ins and random things hanging in the closet and spackle and paint.

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