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Photo credit for all of the following photos goes to Chelse Thompson of EIEIO Photography.


For as long as I can remember, I was totally against maternity photos. The idea of having photos taken to document my ever-changing, baby-filled body and photos of my naked belly (or *gasp* fully naked pregnant photos) just did NOT appeal to me. I would roll my eyes. I would go off on tangents. I shouted off the roof tops to anyone that would listen that I would absolutely not, under any circumstances, have maternity shots taken.

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This is the part of the blog post where I sheepishly tell you how wrong I was. I have no idea what brought on this change of heart, but once I was actually pregnant I went from “absolutely not” to “I need to schedule those maternity photos!” This is especially interesting because pregnancy is really not my best look. I felt that I looked like a whale of a mess.

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Maybe I was just really happy to finally be pregnant. Maybe I just love our family photographer, Chelse’s work so much that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to set up another photo session with her. Maybe I just wanted one final set of photos as a family of 3 (dogs count as family members!). Maybe it was all the achingly gorgeous photos on Pinterest of model-like women roaming pristine beaches at sunset with their perfect pregnant bodies in adorable, over-priced maxi dresses that finally got me on board.

 Q21A5947-1 Q21A6038-1

Whatever it was that brought on this need for maternity photos, I gave into it and J, Macie and I headed over to Chelse’s in May so she could work her magic. And work that magic, she did. While I still don’t love how pregnancy looks on me, I’m very happy that we had these photos taken. Chelse told me that many of her clients look at the photos with different eyes after the baby comes and now that A is out here on dry land I completely see what she means. I think I was so over carrying the weight of another human, and looking different than I was used to, I couldn’t imagine trying to choose which photos we wanted. So I sat on it and waited until after A came.

Q21A6057-1 Q21A6233-1

I’m so glad I waited because when I revisited the photos, I went from not wanting to look at my pregnant self, to feeling so grateful to have captured that season of our life. This moment of being a family consisting of a couple plus a dog, of us of waiting for our girl, was just so unique and special. We were excited. We were a little scared. We had no idea how much was about to change. We were just waiting, in eager anticipation, to welcome our girl.

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As much as I am not exactly a fan of being pregnant, there really is nothing like your first pregnancy. Call it the excitement of the unknown. I know every pregnancy is different, but there is something so innocent about the time for a couple while you wait for your family to expand. Things are so carefree. Your responsibilities are few compared to after that first child comes.

Q21A6260-1 Q21A6193-1

I am excited for the prospect of another pregnancy at some point down the line. I welcome that fact that it will be much different from the first because we will have a happy, energetic little girl running around, and keeping us on our toes. I also recognize that the carefree, just-a-couple-of-adults-resting-up-for-the-biggest-change-of-our-life aspect is gone. I don’t grieve it. But I acknowledge that all subsequent pregnancies will be different from our first one in that regard. And that’s ok.

Q21A6235-1 Q21A6274-1

At the end of the day, I’m so glad to have this documentation of our wait for the baby we prayed and hoped for. I look forward to having maternity photos taken when we eventually get pregnant again. Only this time we’ll be a family consisting of a couple, their daughter and their dog waiting for another member to join the fold. It really only gets better and better.

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    November 6, 2014 at 1:13 pm Gorgeous photos! I have been quite against maternity photos myself, but after reading what you had to say, I'm reconsidering. Even if I do feel incredibly unattractive right now, I think it would be fun to look back on this point in life. Thanks for the great read!
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      November 6, 2014 at 1:27 pm Thank you! I totally understand how you're feeling. I definitely had a few breakdowns during my pregnancy over my appearence (most ending with J reminding me that its normal for my clothes not to fit because I was growing a baby). It's so easy to be hard on ourselves. Just remember that what you're doing (growing a little person) is such a remarkable thing. There is so much beauty in that. Pregnancy can be tough in a lot of ways- I frequently had to remind myself that it was only temporary. Hang in there Mama- you are beautiful! (Cue the corny Christina Aguilera music...)

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