Starting Solids- Week 1 Progress

So we are officially a week into beginning to introduce A to purees. Up until now we had tried her on green beans and butternut squash. For the first few days, outside of her licking the container cover, A seemed genuinely not interested in accepting food from a spoon. Then, on Thursday night she began not only accepting green bean puree from her spoon, but actually eating more than she spit out and opening her mouth when she saw the spoon coming. I’m going to take this as a sign that she liked her green beans. As you can imagine, this made me very happy.

Sweet Potoatoes 1

Still, her initial reaction to the butternut squash had been less than positive. I had my doubts about her taking to that as quickly as she did the green beans. I really thought it would be a while longer before she would begin to like it. So on Sunday, I handed J a spoon and container of butternut squash puree to try and give to A while I was preparing dinner with low expectations. To my surprise, A gave it a go without much issue and did a pretty go job of eating it, Just like she did the green beans. Progress!

Sweet potatoes 2




Sweet potatoes 3

I made a batch of sweet potato puree that I plan to introduce tonight. Hopefully A’s momentum will continue. I tried making a batch of zucchini, but left it on the heat too long and it ended up browning instead of steaming. I may throw together peas later this week if I’m feeling up to it. As of right now, I’m still using the Vitamix. I need to sit down and learn how to used the Beaba. I also have a food mill that I’ll try once it’s time to add more texture to A’s food.

Foodie 1

Vegetables that A likes:

  • Green beans
  • Butternut squash

For more on A’s introduction to solid foods, check out this index.

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