Tessa is 6 months old!

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Today my sweetest little T is 6 months old. 6 months! As is half way through her first year.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

Happy girl!

And I know what you’re thinking, “wait, but wasn’t she just born last week?!” (ok, maybe that’s just what I’m thinking. Seriously though, I could have sworn we just returned home from the hospital!).

But alas, my girl is growing up and becoming even more awesome each day.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

Tessa is a mover and a shaker! Now that she’s completely mastered the art of rolling, she rolls all over the place. We make a point to keep a very close eye on her, especially when she is hanging out on our bed.

T is fully able to grasp toys- she reaches right out and takes them. She also does a great job of bringing them to her mouth.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

Alice loves to share her friends with Tessa.

In addition to her toys, she’s completely curious about the world around her (like most babies!). She especially loves playing with her wipes.

T is finally able to sit in the exersaucer and bouncer on her own. She has a fantastic time in these and they are especially helpful when we’re trying to get ready for work and trying to eat dinner.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

A loves to play with T while she is in these as well. She jumps around and makes a big show of getting T to smile (while our mommy/daddy hearts simultaneously burst!). #bestsissyever

T is dying to crawl and I’m super not ready for that. They weren’t lying when they said second children do everything faster. I mean, I get it. She has an excellent role model in A. But girlfriend needs to slow it down.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

Excuse our war zone of a living room!

T loves to practice her planks. She’s clearly working on her core. Or maybe she’s trying to send me a message that it’s time for me to work on my core (in other news, I’m officially below my pre-Tessa weight and almost at my pre-Alice weight!!!!! And yes, that news definitely called for five exclamation points).

She definitely “assumes the position” more and more, ie- the crawling position. She’s not able to actually crawl yet, but you can bet she tries her hardest!

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

When she’s in her crawling position, she rocks forward and backward. My mom tells me that my Grandpa Earl called that “Rumphing.” He always had a way with words.

I know it’s coming and like I said, I’m so not ready for it. Not only because the thought of two mobile kids scares the hell out of me. But it’s still going too fast. I was secretly hoping it would suddenly slow down. No dice.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

T is rocking the crazy eyes in this photo!

Tessa is still nursing like a champ and I think I’ve finally reached the point where I’m actually enjoying it! I’m glad that I’m able to say that.

Pumping is going ok. I’ve found my groove but we’ve totally blown through our freezer supply. So basically I’m living paycheck-to-paycheck on my milk, if that makes sense.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

This was taken one night while I was on a Target date with one of my girlfriends. I pretty sure A was super proud to be helping feed T.

I’m starting to extend my pumps at work by 5 minutes each to get more milk which helps a bit and I’m doing the best I can.

I’d like to nurse as long as possible, though I know that extended breastfeeding is not in my future. I will continue to take this a day at the time (side note- it’s pretty much my favorite diet ever since I get to still eat all the things and yet magically manage to lose weight).

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

Photo credit: Lisa Canarvis.

We’ve totally been slacking on purees because life. I tried her on leeks last night which went over insanely well! She was opening her mouth and leaning right in for them whenever I offered.

This really is no surprise, leeks were a huge hit with A as well. I also made red pepper puree and Swiss chard purees. Our public market is full of such amazing produce right now, so I’ll definitely be kicking these up a notch this month.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

A gets a huge kick out of T eating. I usually feed T while A enjoys her dessert. So A will have me feed some purees to T and then feed her a spoonful of sherbet (or whatever dessert happens to be that night). We tell her she’s teaching T how to eat and she loves this. She keeps saying “Tessa’s turn, my turn!”

Sleep is going decently well still. When T get’s congested, she wakes, which is to be expected. I’m experimenting with getting rid of the dream feed.

So far I’ve had a mixed bag of results. Some nights that goes well, others it results in T waking at 5am ready to start her day. Luckily, she usually goes back down for us on those nights, but it’s not ideal. Still, most nights involve a luxuriously full nights sleep, for which I am grateful!

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

Milk drunk.

I’ve really slacked on getting a solid nap schedule down. She tends to take two naps per day at daycare but at home she all over the place.

I know this is partly because of our busy schedule with two kids. I’m not really concerned about it, especially since she’s been sleeping so well most nights.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

This month, T will be having her first sleepover at my parents house. J and I have a wedding at the end of September and I’m comfortable with T crashing there at this age (and of course A as well, she loves all her grandparents SO much, so any extra time she gets is thrilling to her!).

We will probably start napping T in the pack and play to get her used to it. She napped in it successfully at our friend’s lake house over labor day weekend so I’m confident this will also go well.

We are fully into 6 month size clothes. I have a handful of summer things and plenty of warm options which works out since we’re heading into fall (one thing to know about Rochester, it can be 90 degrees one day and frozen tundra the next!).

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

T-girl loves to giggle and play. She always has a smile for everyone she meets and I like to think she reserves an extra special smile for me!

Patty-cake and clicking my tongue is still a huge hit. She’s extremely interested in the world around her and on the rare occasion she cries, it’s almost always because she wants to be up at the table or to be part of everything the rest of us are doing.

The transition to two kids has been challenging but overall easier than I expected. I think it’s helpful that we can divide and conquer. I also think parents with more than two kids deserve a medal because I have no idea how that would work.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

It’s been pretty amazing being a family of four. As our family has grown all of our hearts have also grown. I had no idea my insanely full heart could hold even more love.

I truly cannot imagine our family without sweet T, she really does complete it. I really never understood the kind of joy children can bring to a home.

It’s bitter sweet because my mommy heart wants them to stay small and “need” me forever. But that feeling is definitely usurped by the unbridled joy of watching them grow and develop.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

They each make new discoveries and it is such a privilege to play an integral role in that. So here’s to the first 6 months- I love you, my sweet Tessa!

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    September 14, 2016 at 3:05 pm Um, I was definitely thinking wasn't she just born. How has it been HALF a year?? She is so cute and happy and that picture of A giving her the bottle OMG. She looks so proud and it's adorable. The thought of two mobile children is terrifying to me as well. But I guess it's happening sooner or later, ready or not. All this talk of her eating has me super excited for when Royce starts! Alyssa recently posted...Literature helping me raise my toddlerMy Profile
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      September 15, 2016 at 10:07 am Right? It's going too fast! Get ready- the feeding is SO much fun!!

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