Tessa is 7 months old

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As of today, we are officially parents of the sweetest 7 month old! We are past the halfway point in my T-girl’s first year. It’s bittersweet, but the sweet totally outweighs the bitter.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

This has been a pretty big month for T. She is a mover and a shaker and the days of plopping her down and her not being able to move out of that spot are long gone. As of two weeks ago, T is able to crawl!

She had been trying to crawl for a while. Finally one day we were at my parents house. They weren’t home, but my mom was on her way back from the store. J was actually on his way to the same store (odd coincidence) and had just left. So I was hanging alone with my girls, waiting for my mom to arrive.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

T was trying super hard to crawl, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. I had a feeling she was about to make it happen so I got my phone ready. Then she spit up on my parent’s rug.

Since my mom hadn’t yet returned, I blotted it with a wipe and placed a wipe over the soiled spot so I wouldn’t forget it’s location (I didn’t know which product she preferred I use on spots so I figured I could clean it in a couple minutes when she returned). Then I moved T back from the wipe, knowing full well that she would want to get to the wipe to grab for it.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

I grabbed my phone, and not a moment too soon, because she immediately went for it with great success! And suddenly she was off! While she’s not crazy fast (yet) she’s gotten pretty good at making her way around. Compared to A’s monkey crawl, T has a pretty standard run-of-the-mill baby crawl. Needless to say we have to be even more careful if she’s on the bed- she definitely tries to crawl off at times (with no success, thanks to us watching her like a hawk!)

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

It’s possible that she could have crawled prior to that at daycare, but I have an unspoken don’t-ask-don’t-tell agreement with the fantastic teacher’s in my girl’s infant rooms. As far as I’m concerned, I’m lucky enough to be present for every single first that my babies have. 😉

Our other first began a few days ago. I returned home from work to find T sitting upright on her own, playing with a toy. She was sitting without anyone or anything behind her providing support! We had seen little previews of this, but never for an extended period of time.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

These things are awesome; they make us so proud of our girl. But I still keep telling her she needs to pump the breaks a bit. Even more awesome is how proud she is of herself. Last night I was sitting on the stairs and called her over. She crawled right over to me and was positively beaming with pride. I won’t lie, it made me tear up a bit.

Sleep continues to be pretty consistent. She goes down shortly after her last feed at 8pm. I generally place her in her crib and turn on the sound machine. She stares up and me and I give her another kiss, turn out the lights and close her door. Then she turns over onto her belly and goes to sleep.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

T tends to sleep until around 7am, give or take. She still sleeps without anything else in her crib and her sleep is pretty much uninterrupted, save for illness and eventual teething. I’m happy to report that the dream feed is 100% done. T simply doesn’t need it anymore and dropped it with very little fuss.

In terms of feeding, nursing is still going strong. My supply seems consistent and pumping is still working. I’ve recently increased my pumping time from 10 minutes to 20 minutes since we’ve blown through the freezer stash. As a result we have a little bit extra hanging in the freezer for date nights and the like. T is still easily distracted but seems full and satisfied and is gaining weight beautifully.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

I’m hoping I can maintain having a few extra bags in the freezer, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to because T’s teacher recently mentioned she has been a bit fussier around meals and she wondered if T might want bigger bottles. I told her if T seems hungry to feel free to give her bigger bottles. As a result, T has gone from 3 oz bottles to 4-5 oz bottles and seems happier for it (obviously I can’t measure what she gets in our nursing sessions, she just goes .

I’ve finally gotten my act together and have introduced all sorts of purees. I’m not even sure I can pinpoint a favorite because T really enjoys them all. So far T eats green beans, parsnips, leeks, red peppers, swiss chard, banana, avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, acorn squash and beets. All have been a raging success! If I had to pick her favorite I think it would be bananas but honestly, she doesn’t discriminate.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

T is still insanely happy. She is ticklish all over and gets especially giggly if I nuzzle her belly or her neck. My girl also really enjoys bouncing of any kind and loves when J plays airplane and Tower of Terror with her (where he holds her up and then lets her feel like she’s falling even though his hands are under her and catching her the whole time- it’s tough to explain but imagine the Tower of Terror Ride at Disneyworld, it’s the same idea)

She loves hanging out in her exersaucer and bouncer. A gets a kick out of playing with her when she’s in them (although there are times where I need to make sure A isn’t steamrolling the situation…pretty sure I was that kid once too- a point my sister and cousin will both agree with!).

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

A also really loves feeding T. It’s super cute, she is obsessed and insists on doing the feeding every night after dinner (which is when we feed T). While A can get a tad jealous when J is holding Tess (never me, of course!) she never, ever directs it at T. She just has this unending love for her and it’s amazing.

She even has this voice she does, just for T. It’s softer and a slightly higher pitched. It’s the sweetest thing, she reserves it strictly for T and T lives for it- she gets the brightest, most radiant smile when her big sis is around.

Tessa is 6 Months Old | The Life Jolie

It’s also funny seeing T try to keep up. There has been a few times where A would be crying and T would stare at her. And a minute later T would start crying for absolutely no reason. Seriously, this baby rarely ever cries. It was kind of hilarious, I couldn’t decide if T was trying not to be out-shown or if she was crying as a united front with her sis (or none-of-the-above because babies are mysterious like that).

The days are flying by and we are having a grand time. It’s such fun relaxing and watching our girls make all sorts of discoveries. I couldn’t possibly love them more. I truly thought the transition to a family of four would be much harder, but it’s really been great. Sure, there have been challenges but for the most part it could not be more awesome.

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