Tessa is a 2 Month Old

I’m a little late on this but that’s where we’re at right now (second child syndrome? Sorry, T!). But time hasn’t stopped and T is officially a two month old! It’s crazy, she looks like a real baby. I can’t believe how their looks change so quickly from when they’re born. We switched her into 3 month clothes after a few weeks because my girls have long legs but they’re skinny. So they outgrow the length of most clothes quicker but need to grow into the rest of the outfit. T is now starting to fill out her 3 month clothes nicely and not look like she’s swimming in them.

T has kind of been a rockstar! Is she perfect? No. But she’s a joy to be around and is handling this 4th trimester thing like a pro. She’s still a baby and has her fussy moments, but they’re not consistent and generally she only cries if she has a good reason.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

She’s SO happy!

Feeding has been going really well. Breastfeeding in general is totally different experience this time around. When people say it gets easier around 6 weeks, they couldn’t be more right on. While I’m still not someone who loves breastfeeding, I am so glad that I’m able to have a better experience with this and make it work, at least for my maternity leave. I’m giving myself the grace to take it a day at a time and when it’s time for me to stop, that’s ok. But right now we’re going strong.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

Crazy eyes 🙂

T still has a few rough feeds here and there. I attribute that to the reflux. Just like A, our sweet T also has reflux. I don’t think it’s as painful for T but the trade off it T has these mega projectile spit ups, of which I am often the recipient. It’s delightful. After a hellish week of giving up dairy (which totally did not help T) we started a low dose of ranitidine which has helped a bit. I know she’ll out grow it in a few months like A did, so it’s not terrible.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

I love this shot of T and her Daddy!

One really challenging area is getting T to take a bottle. Girlfriend wants nothing to do with it! We’ve tried different brands, different nipples, different speeds of nipples (that’s how we got A onto a bottle, by switching to a medium flow nipple), warm breast milk, cold breast milk, other people trying to feed her, me trying to feed her, me in a separate room, me out of the house entirely, bouncing her around (in the bouncer and in our arms), snuggling her close, sitting and standing, various times of day. I don’t know what else to try, but I’m headed back to work in June and we need to get this going!

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

T wasn’t even having my nonsense in this photo.

One area that’s been going insanely well is sleep. At 5 weeks, T was consistently getting a 6-8 hour stretch. So she would go down at 8pm, wake to feed somewhere between 2-4 am and then wake between 7-8 am for the day. We were super excited and happy with that and so we kind of went with it for a few weeks. At that point, she wouldn’t accept a dream feed so I didn’t push it, I just figured I’d try it in a few weeks.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

A decided to share her friends with T while she ate breakfast.

Well, a few weeks passed and on Mother’s Day, the night before she turned 8 weeks, I went into T’s room at 10:30pm and figured I’d give the dreamfeed another shot. To my surprise she accepted it- she fed while still pretty much sleeping and went right back down to sleep and slept through the night! That night and the rest of the week, T slept all the way through! We couldn’t believe it!

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

This is what we spend our days doing.

This lasted the whole week and the streak only broke because one night A woke up and ended up waking T. She has gone back to sleeping through so far but we’ll see. So while it’s not completely consistent, we’ve made some amazing progress and the extra sleep has been glorious. I’m hoping it grows to be consistent, but I have no expectations because she’s still only 2 months old. But either way, we continue to go out of our way to create healthy sleeping habits and I think that helps set her up for success so that she’ll have all the tools she needs to sleep through consistently when she is ready.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

Baby dab for the win.

T takes naps periodically, sometimes on the go, sometimes downstairs with me and sometimes in her crib. We’re kind of doing eat/play/sleep and T is getting some awesome awake time as well. She loves being outside and also loves being under her play gym. She enjoys watching her sister play and cannot stop staring at her. Also, if A is watching Mickey she seems to like that, although I try to turn her bouncer or head away from the TV because she’s so young and there’s no reason to have her in front of a screen at this point.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

Her features are so much darker in this photo.

We’re in a really great place and things are moving fast but wonderful. T gives me a ton of smiles each day and they are just so beautiful. My heart pretty much explodes every time. I’m so glad that I took a full 12 weeks to bond with my sweet girl, just like I did with A. This time is priceless and while I like my job, I will really miss spending my days with T.

Tessa is a 2 month old! | The Life Jolie

She’s like “give me ALL the milk!”

Mamas- how did you get your little one to take a bottle?

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    May 18, 2016 at 4:30 pm She is so precious! Love that one of her and J! I'll admit I'm a tad jealous of the sleep but I'm really happy for you that it's working out so well! Dalton took a bottle with no problems, I'm still scared of what will happen with Royce. She will get there though! Can't believe she's already two months. What a little beauty.
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      May 18, 2016 at 10:09 pm Thank you! Don't worry- Royce will get there- T was definitely up a few times a night when she was the age that Royce is at now :)

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