Tessa is a 3 month old!

Here we are, one quarter¬†of the way through my Tessa’s first year. This is so bitter sweet because while I love watching her grow up, she’s growing so fast I can barely keep up. It also doesn’t help that I’m back at work and don’t get to spend the entirety of each day hanging out with my little side kick. ūüôĀ

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

Sidekicks 4 life…or at least until she becomes a teenager and realizes she hates me…

This third month has brought a ton of fun and big changes for our girl. She is such a ridiculously happy baby, I cannot get over it. She’s been giving smiles for a while now, quite generously. It doesn’t take much to make this gal’s face light up and when it does, it’s as bright and beautiful as the morning sun.

T loves when I sing to her, especially when I put on Natalie Cole. The other night we were hanging out before bed with her sitting up against my knees and I was singing her Orange Colored Sky and when it got to the part where the lyrics speed up into a patter, she even let out a giggle! Best sound in the world!

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

My heart bursts every single time!

Nursing continues to be great- this gal loves to eat and we’ve finally found our groove with breast feeding. I’m really happy about this because I’ve made no secret that I don’t love breast feeding, but the fact that it’s been easier makes me much more open to continuing it.

I am currently pumping at work twice per day. It’s kind of a hassle (I have they type of job where I have the potential to lose money if I leave my desk and the nursing room is upstairs). Even thought I hate pumping the most, I feel that I should give it a fair shot and really try my best to make it work, so that’s what I’m doing.

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

Milk drunk FTW. Please note she would only ever be allowed to nap in a place like this with me or J right next to her.

Bottles are a whole other story. The end of my maternity leave was rife with bottle struggles. Namely, T refused the bottle as I mentioned in her 2 month update. We literally tried everything and eventually the pediatrician’s office told me that I’d need to get her out of the house and leave her with family for around four¬†hours.

So I did just that, dropped her at my parent’s house where my mother and mother in-law tried to work their Grandma magic. Poor T was not a happy camper and really only took about an ounce. It wasn’t until she started daycare that they were able to start getting her to take a bottle more consistently and I’m happy to report that she’s willing to take a two ounce bottle every couple of hours.

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

My gals with my beautiful Grandma.

Besides a rocky start at bottle feeding, daycare is going really well. T’s amazing daycare teachers said that she’s been very happy and content while she’s there. They cannot get over how much she looks like A (that tongue often pops out, just like her sis was at that age). T’s naps still haven’t evened out into a routine quite yet, but I know they will soon.

Speaking of sleep, it’s going pretty well with only a few bumps in the road. T has been consistently sleeping through the night with a dream feed popped in around 10:30pm.¬†Then a¬†few nights ago when T was around 12 weeks old, I stopped accidentally slept through¬†T’s dream feed and our champion sleeper slept right through until morning. Girlfriend would have probably slept past 8am but I needed to feed her before my boobs exploded! This continued for a couple of nights but then T began waking around 1:30am wanting to eat.

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

How could I possibly say no to those eyes?

My theory is that she got less to eat during the day due to her dislike of the bottles. So I added the dream feed back in and we’re back to a full night’s sleep.¬†Even with those couple of small hiccups in T’s pretty awesome¬†nighttime¬†habits, I am thrilled with her propensity for sleeping. We continue to help her create healthy sleep habits and I’m confident that we will have success without the dream feed when I try again in a few weeks.

We recently got rid of the swaddle altogether for a few reasons. First, because daycare licensing regulations no longer allow them to swaddle a baby like they did when A was that age (they claim it’s considered corporal punishment which I think is complete nonsense).¬†Additionally, T is trying really hard right now to roll from her back to her belly. It hasn’t officially happened yet, but since she’s just about there, I figure it’s safer to lose the swaddle. Luckily, T doesn’t seem to mind at all. It’s pretty cute, actually. She often sleeps with her arms sprawled open to each side.

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

She also adores her baths!

T’s pretty much a beast when it comes to strength. If I hold her up on my lap she pushes down with her legs as though she’s trying to stand up (thank goodness I have a little time before she actually does stand up!). Her neck strength is even better than before. It¬†was pretty awesome since the moment she was born, but she can hold her head up for extended periods consistently now and loves sitting on our laps and checking the world out.

The play gym is a pretty popular activity in our home right now. Sometimes A lays next to T underneath it, which is pretty much the cutest. T is pretty tolerant of her sister’s toddler antics. Although A can be rambunctious, she is very gentle and loving with her “sissy.” T loves to watch A and A sometimes holds T on her lap in the morning while watching Mickey, pets her head, kisses her and always brings her imaginary food that she made in her play kitchen (usually she makes “applesauce soup”).

Tessa is a 3 month old | The Life Jolie

Weekend mornings are my absolute favorite!

We are absolutely loving being a family of four, even though it is going too fast! I like to refer to T as “The Tess” (spoken in a monumental, booming, epic-movie-style voice) because it cracks me up and because she’s obviously a pretty epic little girl. I know I keep coming back to this, but I can’t help it, I just cannot imagine our family without her and it’s thrilling to finally have her out here on dry land!

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