Tessa is a 4 month old!

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Well, here we are. As of today my T-girl is officially a 4 month old. Will someone please tell time she can take her union break and stop flying by so quickly?

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

She’s getting her Daddy’s chocolate brown eyes. In fact she looks SO much like him!

This has been an interesting month for T. Everyone in our house has been cursed with some congestion and poor T had it pretty bad for a couple weeks. It’s still lingering a bit, but multiple doctor’s appointments have led us to think that it’s not a huge concern (and the fact that T’s four month appointment is in a week so she’ll be seen again soon anyway-that makes me feel ok about it).

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

We’re all set for Coachella here. You can follow e on Snapchat, my handle is thelifejolie.

Once you get past the concern about illness being serious, the struggle comes with the fact that there’s very little you can actually do for babies that age. We became dedicated saline users (both the spray and the gel!). We ran the cool mist humidifier like it was going out of style. We tried propping up her mattress with a pillow underneath but took it out pretty quickly because it was causing her to roll and at that point she wasn’t yet rolling.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

I just can’t. I LOVE.

I tried to use a snot sucker on her- both the famed Nose Freida and the one we got at the hospital. I’ve heard these can be effective but I cannot seem to get them to work. I’m willing to bet it’s probably user error. 🙁

Besides a bit of coughing and a stuffy nose, T was in excellent spirits. So at least there’s that. The downside is that the congestion was causing T to wake at night which was such a bummer for everyone since we have been so spoiled with our sleeping beauty. Luckily, now that the congestion subsided a bit, T has been back to her old tricks of sleeping through once again.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

…and then my heart exploded.

In happier news, T has become a regular pro with her bottles. She’s now up to taking three ounce bottles pretty consistently. I credit her amazing daycare teachers for this since we’re still exclusively breastfeeding in the hours that I’m home. I’ve noticed my supply has gone down a bit. This is to be expected when pumping but it’s still not terrible and T seems satisfied.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

I normally am not a headband mom, but it was the 4th of July and we were feeling festive.

I’m thrilled that breastfeeding is going so well. Pumping is not my favorite, and I’ve proven to really suck at it. I spill the milk often and have definitely had a day or two of milk soaked pants. Outside of leaving the milk on my desk some nights, the stupidest thing was the time I lost a bag of milk somewhere in my office. Yup. Turns out I sometimes fail at adulting. Outside of the bummer of losing a bag of “liquid gold” can you imagine how awkward it must have been for the person who found it?

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

T was not even having my nonsense.

Being that T is now 4 months old I’ll be starting veggie purees with her once I get the ok from her doctor (hopefully at next week’s appointment).  I had such fun making A’s baby food and introducing her to the rainbow of delicious produce purees and I’m particularly excited to begin this journey with T at a time when the produce is particularly abundant. I’ll be sure to share my experiences.

On forth of July weekend, T officially started rolling all over. I was definitely not ready for it, especially at bed time. I forgot how terrifying that first week or two of them rolling on their bellies to sleep can be. I’ve calmed down a bit now, but belly sleep is still not my favorite (at least not this early). I just keep doing my part of laying her down on her back.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

This gal is loving having her Nana and Papi in town!

I’m thinking T will be my thumb sucker. From pretty early on, she’s wanted no part of the binky but now that she’s coordinated enough to get her fingers to her mouth, we find her munching on her fingers more and more often. Specifically her thumb. It’s cute and I’m happy that she’s so happy but I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to having to break that habit later!

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

It’s all about the fingers.

Allie and Tess continue to have a very loving relationship. On weekend mornings after the girls wake up we bring them into our bed to hang out for a little while before we start our day. It’s pretty much the only time that the girls hang out in our bed outside of a little bit while A gets ready for bed some nights.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie


On those mornings A is often up before T. We bring her in and let her enjoy a sippy cup of milk while watching Mickey. When Tess does wake up, A is usually pretty quick to ask for T to sit next to her. She usually hands T her Minnie Mouse doll to hold and snuggles up to her and rubs her head. And my heart pretty much explodes.

I mentioned in A’s two year old letter, A has been a pro with the whole transition-to-a-family-of-four. She’s still doing pretty great. Of course within a week after me posting that update, she had her first moments of jealousy.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie


We were having dinner for A’s birthday and she was eating dessert. J was holding T and A looked at him and said, “Tessa…Mama….Alice up.” To translate, she was basically asking J to give Tess to me and hold her instead. She’s asked this same way on two separate occasions and though she was not thrilled to be told no in those instances, she didn’t make a huge thing of it.

What can I say? A is a total Daddy’s girl. The big takeaway is that this isn’t happening often and that she doesn’t have any ill feelings toward T, she just wants to sit with Daddy. I suppose it was inevitable, especially considering how clingy she can get with J. And it’s healthy for her to see J sharing his time with both of them.

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

I definitely had my hands full that morning. Right after this photo was taken T spit up everywhere. Which is pretty much a multi-times-daily occurence.

T is totally my music lover. A likes music too, but T gets super happy and smiley whenever I sing for her. She’s also recently started giving a giggle here and there when I bounce her and sing to her. Pretty much the sweetest sound ever! She also prefers to be sitting upright on everyone’s lap so she can be part of whatever is going on. And of course the play gym is a huge hit right now!

Tessa is a 4 Month Old | The Life Jolie

Busy, busy, busy.

Month three wasn’t without it’s challenges, but overall it’s been pretty great. Way too fast, but such a joy!

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