Tessa is a 5 month old!

5 months, you guys. In less than a month, we will officially be half way through my Tessa’s first year (**cue the bitter sweet mommy tears and melodramatic violins**). Besides the time flying by too fast, month four has been pretty good!

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

Showing Sophie who’s boss.

T girl is still a bit congested but it’s let up enough that she’s officially sleeping through the night again (thank you God!!). Now that I’m over the initial panic of having a young infant who rolls over, I must admit it makes for an even easier time putting her down to sleep.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

I’m sure I haven’t taken enough of these photos of Daddy and Tess doing the same things…

T’s bedtime routine goes like this: on some nights she gets a bath (we really should do this more often and likely will once she can sit up and take a bath with A). I nurse T in our bedroom and then give her a small burp session. Then I change her into a night diaper, fresh jammies (once it gets hotter we’ll also add a sleep sack into the mix) and we each give her a kiss and place her on her back in the crib. I turn on the sound machine and nightlight and tell her I love her. Finally, she rolls right over onto her belly and goes to sleep. Easy-peasy and I’m so glad our practice of putting her down drowsy but awake from the start has paid off, just like it did with her sister!

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

My angel.

This month, after a great 4 month appointment, I was given permission to start purees. This is an area that can be a source of debate among parents. Some people feel it’s a good idea to wait until the baby is at least 6 months and that’s awesome for their family. For us and with the support of our pediatrician, we feel 4 months is the right age to begin with some vegetable purees for our girls.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

The holy-shit-I-just-ate-food look.

Like last time, we started with pureed green beans. Initially T was indifferent, just like her sister. I think she was more fascinated with sitting in the new-to-us Bumbo that a friend lent us for a few months. After a few moments, I handed T the spoon which had a bit of the puree on it. She immediately started gumming it and seemed to be pretty down with things. Then she started licking some spilled puree off the seat.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

You’ll note the food in her hair.

Altogether, she did pretty well with minimal gagging and only slightly more interest than her sister. She doesn’t hate it and it’s still early in her solid’s journey, so I’ll call this a win. Non-milk or formula foods in the first year are more for fun and for introducing new flavors anyway. Incidentally, T now has quite the record of grabbing for food. This started with A’s cheeseburger and has escalated into a code-red, don’t-take-you-eyes-off-the-baby-food-thief situation.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

T getting baptized.

I’ve also pureed and given her some acorn squash and avocado. So far green beans have been the most popular, followed by the squash with avocado in last place. I haven’t given purees as often as I did in the beginning with A, more due to exhaustion on my part (and laziness #secondchildproblems, sorry kid!).

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

Doing a little yoga? My cousin reminded me that this is pretty close to Happy Baby pose. The fact that I didn’t remember this indicates that it’s probably time to get back to yoga and start working out again in general.

My girl is still rocking it with the nursing. My only complaint (besides my obvious disdain for pumping, which I still continue with because it’s working and so why fix what’s not broken?) is that she’s started to get a bit distracted with the world around her so she’ll often pull off and exorcist her head around to see what’s happening around her.

At worst it will involve the TV (I’ve lamented my woes about having her introduced to screens this early but this is sometimes unavoidable since we do allow A to watch a little bit of TV). In the best moment of distraction, she looks right up at me and gives me the biggest, sweetest grin which I not-so-secretly love even though it makes nursing challenging at times. It’s probably a good thing that I’m not a person who nurses in public, because it would be full-boob-ahead more often than not and my boobs certainly aren’t looking their best as a mom of two (but more importantly, I prefer to keep certain things private- I’m all for public feeding for other people if that’s how your do it, I just prefer to keep certain things private when it comes to me).

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

She may not be a binky girl, but she’s not above going to town on your finger.

T continues to be the happiest baby I know. She is always so generous with her smiles and lately with her giggles! Pattycake is her favorite game. She loves music so much and was thrilled when I was singing Hamilton for her the other day (spoiler alert: Mommy sucks at rapping, but it’s fine because my voice is definitely more of an Eliza than an Angelica anyway!). She also gets extra excited when I click my tongue and make her dance.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

My girls <3

T is thrilled to lay under her play gym. She now likes to grab the pieces that hang down and bring them to her mouth to naw on. She also likes to roll onto her belly and push her head way up to the sky. Lately, she’s also been trying to scoot a bit and I’m all “slow down, dude! I’m not ready for two mobile kids yet!!”

If I hand T rattles and other baby-friendly toys, she’s now able to grab them and bring them to her mouth. This is especially great during dinner because I can put the Mamaroo right next to the table, strap her in and hand her a toy to naw on while we eat.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

My girls love their Grandma Eve.

We were recently able to put T into the exersaucer. She seemed to really enjoy it. We had to put some blankets behind her to help hold her body up but once they’re in place, she has a great time playing and holds her head up like a champ.

While T locks in around 2-3 naps per day at daycare, we still haven’t figured out a consistent nap schedule on weekends. I’d be more worried about being consistent if I was a stay-at-home mom but to be honest, I’m really not concerned. T is still pretty good at napping on the go and with a toddler in tow, weekends can be a bit unpredictable. But it’s all working out pretty well and it doesn’t effect her night sleep, so that’s huge!

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

J’s mom is the baby whisperer. T could not get enough snuggles (and I suspect Nana didn’t mind it either!)

A few weeks ago, T crossed over into her 6 month clothes. Certain things are still a little big in terms of width but 3 month clothes are all too small at this point. I haven’t had the heart to put away her 3 month clothes yet. I know I have to since they’re taking over the bench in our room and the changing area of her room. But I need time, it’s going too fast.

Tessa is a 5 Month Old | The Life Jolie

My world. I had to do a little creative covering because we didn’t realize A’s dress was pulled up.

We’ve settled into a nice routine for our life as parents of two girls. It’s certainly more exhausting, and I don’t find myself staying up quite as late as I used to. Every day is an adventure and it’s such a pleasure to watch our girls love each other and have fun with us. I’m trying really hard to take it all in because I know someday our girls will be all grown up and charting their own path. J and I will once again be on our own and I will absolutely miss the sweet baby giggles and shrieks of glee from a rambunctious toddler. The days are slow and they years are fast, as they say.

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    August 19, 2016 at 1:21 pm The matching outfits OMG and you look so beautiful!! This reminded me I can use the exersaucer soon, yay! I just noted in my app (because I failed at baby books) that Royce now stops nursing to smile at me and it melts my heart. It sounds like T is doing great and she is just gorgeous! I love all the sister pics. Aside from the fact that clearly she will never be successful in life because you didn't wait until 6 months on the dot to introduce foods, I'm glad everything is going so well.
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      August 21, 2016 at 8:19 pm Awww thank you! And yes, the matching outfits slay me! Exersaucers and the like are major game changers! Hahaha yes, I'm clearly ruining her life by introducing veggies #parentingfail :)

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