The second trimester of my second pregnancy

Once again, a disclaimer: this post contains some pretty personal information involving the delightful (and sometimes graphic) things that happen during pregnancy. Enter at your own risk. Also, it’s long as hell, so I encourage you to treat yourself to a cookie or a giant glass of wine for finishing it. If you don’t want to know about my bodily functions that intimately, I encourage you to check out some of my delicious recipes. Because food is always a good idea.

Ok, this is crazy…as of today, I am officially in the 3rd trimester. Whaaaaa? I cannot even wrap my head around it. I think I realized that it really started to fly by when we were suddenly at our anatomy scan. Last time around, it felt like it took forever to even get to that scan but with this one it seems like I got a positive test and suddenly we were at the anatomy scan!

So here we are. Twenty eight weeks and feeling meh. Here are a few FAQ’s for the second trimester:

So where does A stand on this whole big sister thing? 

A is still pretty much blissfully unaware that she’s about to undergo the biggest transition of her life in a few short months. I will say, where she used to be all Daddy, all the time, she now gives me a little more love which is thrilling. She’s still a total Daddy’s girl (and loves men in general- she also freaks out over both of her grandpas!) but she asks for Mama quite a bit as well and we enjoy some really special and fun moments together.

Part of me wonders if it’s because she knows that something is up but you never can tell. She doesn’t seem to notice the belly. Earlier on I’d ask her to give the baby a kiss-kiss and she would happily oblige and kiss my belly and my heart would melt. I think she got bored with that because if I mention it now, she’s all “bye Felicia!” and moves onto the next fun thing.

She’ll be receiving a baby doll this Christmas and tons of accessories for it from some of our very generous family members, so I’m hoping that’ll help prepare her for Bubbles’ imminent arrival. We shall see.

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Due Date:

We’re still right on target for a March 16th due date and if she’s anything like her sister, she’ll (hopefully) be pretty punctual. Even though the idea of a St. Patty’s Day birthday doesn’t thrill me, I would be grateful to be able to carry another baby to full term. The possibility that we could have a leap year baby has also crossed my mind, though I have no reason to believe that she would arrive that early. I’ve decided that I’m not really going to think about it unless we’re faced with that situation. And really, there are much worse things a in life than a birthday on a leap year or holiday. Give me a healthy baby and that’s all I need. At this point I’m just focusing on cooking her for as long as she needs, preferably forty weeks.

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Second Trimester Symptoms:

The long and short of it is that this pregnancy has totally been harder than the last but still much easier than many women go through, so I really have no right to complain:

  • Nausea- Not so much for a while now, but unlike last time around, my nausea lasted a good few weeks into the second trimester and brushing my teeth was pretty scary for quite a while. Thankfully, that is gone and I’m thrilled about that! I made it through (so far) without puking, though I had some pretty close calls.
  • Constipation- As with last time, once the diarrhea went away, the constipation immediately took over. In general, when you’re pregnant, certain things just take longer. I’m sorry, they just do. Enough said.
  • Exhaustion- has lightened ever-so-slightly but is still pretty full force. I definitely overdo it sometimes and J has to remind me to sit down and take a break. I’m constantly ready for a nap!
  • Hormones- So that time that I was watching Monster’s Inc. in Philly with my cousins and J and (spoiler alert!) the big monster went away and that sweet little pig-tailed girl (who oddly looks just like A when she rocks her pigtails!) ran to the closet looking for him and he was gone? I sobbed. Then once again at the very end of the movie when they were reunited. And yes, everyone else was dying laughing at me.
  • Belly- Looking big and all out front, just like with A. This time, however, I’m carrying much lower. While I’ve recently begun to get a little bit of rib soreness, it’s been nothing like with A. I can still wear my normal bras with an extender for most of the day before they start getting uncomfortable (the sports bras I picked up last time are HUGE on me!). So far, I still have an innie- I really don’t know if this will change (last time it just flattened) but A super-enjoys sticking her finger into it and trying to go “zzzzzz” which is the sound effect I created for her-finger-to-my-belly-button transactions, much to her amusement.
  • Hip and Tailbone Soreness- The rib pain from last time has, of course, been replaced by major discomfort and soreness in my hip joints (where my legs meet my hips) and my tailbone. I often feel a tremendous amount of pressure in my super-lower abdomen, around my pelvic bone. This is always worse when it rains for some reason. No idea why. 
  • Frequent Urination- I pee way more this time around than I did with A! It’s out of control! I’m so weirded out that I’m even sharing this but in the interest of full disclosure, right after we returned from our cruise, I caught whatever A was passing around to all of us around here and developed a horrible, asthmatic cough that lasted for over a month. At the height of my coughing fits, there were a few times that I coughed so hard that it made me pee a little! No joke, it wasn’t ever a full-on wet your pants moment but it was still so weird to me! I called the Doctor at one point because I was nervous that I could be leaking amniotic fluid (they told me that this is completely normal, especially in women who are in subsequent pregnancies and that they weren’t concerned unless it happened outside of the coughing). Of course J thought this was absolutely hilarious and made a point to tell A “Mommy peed her pants!!” Real funny, J! Luckily once the cough died down a bit this ended quickly.
  • Appetite- Is going full force! I literally want to eat All. The. Food. I try not to discriminate, especially being that it’s the holiday season and all. It’s my civic duty to eat all of the delicious food and compliment the chefs profusely. Eight pound babies don’t just happen, they require lots of hard work and Christmas Cookies! (Just kidding, I’m really just looking for an excuse so that I don’t feel bad about seriously overdoing it on the holiday eating! I WILL regret this come March!). I will say, while I’ve still loved the sweets, that craving isn’t nearly as strong as last time. This time I’ve lived for red meat (give me a rare, juicy steak any day!), apples, cuties (which is odd because I’m normally very meh about oranges in general!), these amazing Morning Glory muffins at work (I plan to beg them for the recipe so that I can make and freeze a bunch for maternity leave), ice cream, Mexican food, cheeseburgers and of course cheese and olives (and pretty much everything that I see that looks delicious). Which brings me to my next point…
  • Weight Gain- While I don’t remember the exact number that I’m up to I want to say it was around 10-12 lbs at my last appointment (around 24 weeks). I have another appointment next week, so I’ll have a better idea where I’m at then. While it fluctuated a tad in the first trimester, I didn’t really start gaining until around 17-19 weeks (I may or may not have returned from the cruise 5 lbs heavier and I am not sorry). My mom tells me that I look skinnier this pregnancy. I’d assume this is because it’s not warm out and so I’m not swollen like I was at the end last time (fingers crossed that this remains the case because that was not my best look). I still feel like my butt is getting bigger because my maternity work pants do feel a tad tighter which is uncomfortable and irritating to say the least. I’m hoping I can gain a little less this time around since I’d like to think I won’t hold onto the water weight the way I did last time. Fingers crossed on that one.
  • GERD- To be completely honest, I’m surprised I’ve never really had this in my life until now because many members of my family do. Around midway through this trimester I kept getting a little reflux and I would have this burning in the back of my throat. It wasn’t harsh, but it was definitely noticeable. I called the Doctor and they told me to take some Zantac which, cleared it right up.
  • Movement- Baby Bubbles is a busy little gal these days. I haven’t really noticed any patterns per se, besides that fact that she’s busier at night. A had a pretty set schedule of when she was active where as Bubbles is kind of all over the place. This contributes to my feeling that she’ll be a bit more of a free spirit. I think it amuses her to punch my bladder, which can make things quite uncomfortable. It seems that she inherited her Mama’s feistiness which simultaneously thrills and terrifies me. Of course, right as I typed that she gave me a swift kick in the abdomen.
  • Sleep and Anxiety- While the insomnia has died down a bit, I still find myself battling my anxiety. I don’t know why, but I cannot seem to find the same Zen state as last pregnancy. This is odd because while I was in a really positive place in my life then, I’m in an even more positive and joyous place now. Of course the random wakings for no reason have been replaced by waking periodically due to shortness of breath from continuously ending up on my back. I’m not too excited for that phase to begin and am still baffled that I even sleep on my back (I’ve always thought I was a side sleeper which apparently changes once I actually fall asleep). I’m not yet waking up at all to pee at night, which I’d imagine will stay the same until the last couple of weeks like last time. I’m a person who hates having their sleep interrupted and having to get out of bed unless I’m actually waking up. So naturally, I decided to have more kids and go back to the waking-up-at-all-night phase.
  • Tender Spots- I’ve noticed I get these spots on my belly that are super-tender specifically mid-belly toward my left side. Kind of weird and of course the hypochondriac in my head told me that obviously it was some sort of life-threatening disease (for once Dr. Google came through and told me that it’s likely from Bubbles often pressing in the same spot on my soft tissue. I’ll still run it by Dr. S, but I suspect it’s not a big deal). What is especially delightful about this is when A is climbing all over me and pressed her sweet little hand really hard onto that very spot.

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Baby’s Sex: 

As we mentioned here, Baby Bubbles is a girl. We could not be more excited to have another sweet girl!

Have you chosen a name?

I am thrilled to say we have finally settled on a name that we both love. It was a bit of a journey getting here. We started making a short list of names while we were lying in lounge chairs by the pool in Miami (rough life, I know!). From there we began discussing all of those names and playing our own version of baby names table tennis. After a while (long after our trip) we ultimately narrowed it to two names. We each liked both names but we also each favored one over the other for various reasons.

We went back and forth for quite a while, analyzing the pros and cons of each (they really are both great names which made it super hard!). I’ll admit it stressed me out way more than him because I’m such a planner. We also tested them out on Alice to see what it would sound like having her say them, which was more for our own entertainment because she sounded so cute trying to pronounce them.

And then one night a few weeks ago, we were at our diner- we’re regulars there and usually make our way in around once or twice a week (their burgers and tomato soup are EVERYTHING). J and A were playing with the crayons and disposable menu for coloring. I started talk to A, asking her to repeat both names after me. At that point J grabbed a crayon and wrote one of the names on the disposable menu and slid the menu over to me saying, “That’s the one!” Of course I got super excited and shed a couple hormonal tears (because that’s what I do now- such a wimp!). He said he’d been thinking about it and liked certain aspects of it a little bit more than the other.

So we finally have her name figured out and I feel in my heart that it’s a perfect fit for this little girl. We both really, really love it and it helps that A sounds adorable when she says it (not that she knows what she’s saying, but still)! Unfortunately for everyone, our gal’s name will stay under wraps until she makes her debut as per J’s preference. Until then she will continue to be referred to as Baby Bubbles (or maybe her name will actually be Bubbles…hmmmm…..).

Overall it’s been a pretty great trimester. I still cannot believe I’m officially in the third trimester now! Just think, in a few short months, I’ll never be pregnant again. While I don’t really love pregnancy, it’s a little bittersweet. Right now I have my sweet baby all to myself. I’m selfish and kind of enjoy not having to share her, although the greatest joy will be to see everyone else getting to love her and snuggle her!

Here’s where you can reach about my first trimester of this second pregnancy as well as my other posts about pregnancy.

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    December 23, 2015 at 12:59 pm It's crazy but I definitely get what you mean about having the baby all to myself! I generally enjoy being pregnant so I'm sad this is likely my last time. I can't wait to hear the name! That is so cute that Alice says it for you.
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      December 23, 2015 at 1:20 pm Isn't it the best! It's like you have this special little secret- I could be in the middle of a work meeting and she'll be kicking away and no one has any idea. It's just our special moment!

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