To Alice Rose: On Your First Birthday

My Dearest Allie:

There are simply not enough words in the English language to fully express the joy you have brought into our world, but I will try.

One year ago today, you made your way into this world. For almost two years we prayed for you and wished with everything in us to have you in our family. Going from being a family of two adults to being parents is one of the most extraordinary things I have ever experienced. I have never before fallen in love with someone that I didn’t know. Until I met you.

What a crazy experience to immediately fall in love with a person that you just met. You will understand this remarkable feeling someday when you have a child of your own. The feeling of such immediately strong love is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. And from that love between us, you also brought so much love and happiness into many of the other relationships in our life. Your father’s and my already strong bond has only grown stronger because of you. I didn’t think that was possible. You bring a smile to the face of every person you meet.

It is the pleasure of my life getting to watch you make so many discoveries. Each day I get to know you a little better and learn a bit more about the person that you are. You are so hungry for life (and food, which makes my heart smile!). You cannot get enough of the world around you. From people watching at a local festival to the smallest blade of grass; your big, beautiful eyes widen with wonder and amazement.

You were born with a big heart full of love and though you are shy at first, you warm up to the people in your life pretty quickly and always give them your full heart and your big, bright smile. We should all jump into our relationships with the enthusiasm that you have. It inspires me to want to look at the world through your eyes and with the same open heart as you.

It is clear from your sweet giggles that you love laughing with others and making them laugh. When you see that you are making others smile and cheer, it only fuels your need to create more smiles and cheers. You already have the best sense of humor, which your daddy and I will happily feed. Sometimes you will head over to the stairs and right after I tell you no, you turn around and give me a big, bright smile with a mischievous gleam in your eye. It’s almost as if you’re challenging me to come and get you, as you disregard my authority. You then immediately turn and quickly make your way up the stairs with me on your tail. You are giggling the entire way.

But even in your more subdued, serious moments, with your little tongue sticking out (which is how we know you’re really concentrating hard on something) there is a quiet confidence. You’re determined to figure everything out and are ambitious in what you do. You do not like when something stands in your way and you makes sure that we are all aware of it. In this regard, you are definitely your mother’s daughter.

As you get closer and closer to walking, I find myself standing back in awe. A friend of mine put it perfectly when she remarked about how much bigger you look when you’re up on two legs. Pretty soon you will not be a baby anymore but a toddler. While I so badly want to bottle this time up to keep forever, I am also so excited to continue watch you develop into the unique little girl and eventually the woman, that you will be.

Alice, your Daddy and I love you with everything in us. You have always been and will continue to be wanted. Your presence makes our family better and brings joy into every single day. You are already so independent and though it’s a long way off, I can already feel the tug in my heart brought on by you very slowly making your way towards growing up and being out on your own. But know that in my heart of hearts, you will always be my sweet baby.

One year ago today, you made me a Mommy. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

With unending love,

Your mommy

A letter to my daughter Alice, on her first birthday | The Life Jolie

Photo credit to Patty Scuteri

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