Valentine’s Day Crafts

I must confess, I’m not really a fan of Valentines Day. I think it’s a total BS Hallmark holiday and while I appreciate sweet gestures, I’m really not hugely romantic. Luckily, I married the right guy for this. On our first married Valentines day he gave me the following:

The Life Jolie

Romance. It’s alive and kickin.

No, my husband is not a misogynist by any stretch of the imagination (on the contrary he is completely and utterly respectful of women and totally loving n general, especially towards Alice and I). At that time we had just rediscovered the Shoes video so “Betch” was our favorite joke at the time. Yes, I know we have a sick sense of humor and paired with my dislike for Valentines Day and his obsession with my family’s recipe for banana bread, this really was the perfect gift! Funny thing is, it was wrapped beautifully and I actually got mad at him at first since we had agreed not to exchange gifts for fake holidays. The next year, he left me a pile of clean laundry on the couch to fold. Needless to say, it was still there the next morning.

Here we are in our 6th year of marriage. He lets me sleep a bit longer in the morning while he wakes with our gal. He spent my whole pregnancy forcing me to relax while he worked his butt of on a variety of projects. He even (sometimes) refrains from rolling his eyes when I add yet another project to the honey-do list. Now that is romance. All of it. In fact, he’s going to get me a Popsicle right this moment. He doesn’t need a holiday to do any of these things. Swoon. But I digress.

This is the part of the post where if you are part of our IMMEDIATE FAMILIES I encourage you to step away from the blog, lest you ruin the surprise.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now that our sweet girl is here, I want to try and make the dreaded old V-day a little more fun and special. Less romance. More show-the-people-in-your-life-you-love-them special. Being that A is 7 months old, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know the difference. But now seems like as good a time as any to start.

The Life Jolie

As always, I got to work on Pinterest to find some creative ideas since I may or may not be lacking in the creativity arena at least when it comes to fake holidays. I struck gold in the form of inspiration at The Pinning Mama, How Wee Learn, and G is for Gift and I cannot take credit for these ideas.

The Life Jolie

So I grabbed some water based acrylic paint that the lovely lady at the craft store assured me would be safe for A to use if she’s supervised, and J and I got to work. A did better than expected at the beginning. I would have liked to do Valentines for extended family, but it became very clear when enough was enough and J whisked A straight to a midday bath, which I believe was the highlight of her day.

The Life Jolie

While we’re not exactly an artists (except for A, she’s obviously brilliant.) I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

The Life Jolie

I also picked up some fun things for our nephews and put together a sweet package for them from A. It’s too much fun surprising these boys when we can. The only bummer is that we won’t be there to see their reactions in person, but they love receiving mail (and really, who doesn’t- at least the fun kind that doesn’t involve bills!).

The Life Jolie The Life Jolie

I will be waiting until Saturday to post J’s surprise because I really don’t want to chance ruining that but every Valentines-hating bone in my body is actually excited for the holiday this year because A and I get to surprise him. Awwwwww; vomit.


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