What we did this weekend- 12/28/14

The Life Jolie

A learned to play the Wii (munching on the controller is the closest she will be allowed to get to video games and electronics for a very long time, with the exception of some movies on our television).

The Life Jolie

A saw the blanket and decided to check out what was underneath. Please note: we were supervising her the entire time and did not allow her to stay under the blanket for a second longer than it took to snap a quick photo, so all of 5 seconds. We are aware of the potential risks associated with unsupervised babies in situations involving anything more than an empty crib and would never leave her unsupervised in any other conditions.

The Life Jolie

Our adorable friend Hunter turned 3 on Christmas day, so this weekend we celebrated his birthday at a Spiderman themed party. It was super fun and he kept coming up and giving A kisses (he’s in love with her). He was a bit tired in this shot as we took this at the end of the party.

The Life Jolie

On Saturday night I subbed in with That Party Band. I’m so lucky to get the opportunity to sub in with some of the more awesome bands in our area. Photo credit to Ally Stanton.

The Life Jolie

A was exploring the light switch with Daddy.



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