What we did this weekend- 3/15/15

Here’s what we did this weekend:

  1. The Life JolieA is all about finding magazines and pulling them all out.
  2. Macie gave A’s bouncer a whirl. she was NOT a fan.
  3. Hunter was sitting with Justin and Just asked him if he wanted to feed A and he immediately said yes. This photo was taken right after he said “this is great!” and he kept telling everyone in the room how great it was and what a pretty girl A is. And then my ovaries exploded from all the cute. He’s going to be the best big brother!
  4. In the mornings, J lets A play with the giant containers of tic tacs that he keeps next to his bed. She loves this and hasn’t figured out how to open them (yet).
  5. On Saturday night I brought A into the kitchen to feed her and J was asking where the remote was. I looked over at A and there was our answer.
  6. My sweet girl right before she devoured a pancake at the diner.
  7. A trying her hardest to get Aunt Nicci’s beer (sorry A, it’s going to be a while before you get that!)




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