What’s Pretty This Weekend- 12/26/14

Here’s what’s pretty this weekend:

Respect your elders- These 2 classy ladies have some wisdom to impart in the list of 9 Lessons About Love and Relationships my Sassy Grandmothers Taught Me.

Pretty Sweets- Have a look at this gorgeous watercolor Art by Jo Jo La Rue. These prints look good enough to eat!

Because Yum- With New Years Eve fast approaching, we’re not out of the woods yet, in terms of holiday celebrations. This Crab Dip over at Love Grows Wild looks easy and delicious for your New Years Eve festivities.

I slacked a bit on pretty links for the weekend because I’ve been busy working on a Christmas recap to go up tomorrow. Hooray for sporadic Saturday posts!

And now, the prettiest part of our weekend:

The Life Jolie



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