What’s Pretty This Weekend- 1/23/15

Here’s what’s pretty this weekend:

Get some crunch- These Super Crispy Baked Chicken Bites over at I Thee Cook look like the perfect combination of crispy and healthy (it’s hard to get a nice crunch on the outside without frying chicken fingers).

I want one of each of these- and I’m not joking. These functional porcelain pots over at Bean and Bailey Ceramics are just so pretty and chic. I literally want Every. Single. One.

For the science geek in all of us- This metal is so waterproof that droplets just bounce off of it…and that is cool. It just is.

If you need a smile- Look at these Marriage Proposal Photos. They’re so darn sweet, I couldn’t not smile.

Booze and Food- is a combo that makes me happy. Look at these 7 Greatest Boozy Foods– I want to eat them all now.

This pretty little girl was happy to be playing while mommy got ready for work:

The Life Jolie


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