What’s pretty this weekend- 2/20/15

Here’s what’s pretty this week:

DIY Art- How cool and simple is this DIY Herringbone Canvas Art at I Should Be Mopping the Floor? As an added bonus it looks attainable for people like me who are not so artistically inclined.

My favorite dessert- is Creme Brulee. There is nothing better in this world, there simply isn’t. This recipe over at The Kitchen is my Playground makes it look way less intimating than I originally thought- I may need to make some…

All the pretty lights- I’m loving the look of the strings of lights with larger bulbs. It makes me think of a lovely summer evening in the back yard with your friends and family. This Ping Pong Lights Tutorial from Woods of Bell Trees is so pretty and seems like an excellent way to get the look without the high price tag.

Genius ideas- Ever wonder what to do with that left over wine (unless you drank it all, in which case pop some Advil!)? Here’s some good information on Freezing Leftover Wine for Cooking over at Frugally Blonde.

And of course my favorite girl trying sauce for the first time (and LOVING it!):

The Life Jolie

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