Introducing my new series, Dump It ‘Til It’s Hot!

Today’s post is a little different, but for the past couple months I’ve been working on a project and I’m so excited to share with you guys! One thing that’s super important to me is to create content that really helps you, brings you value and helps you overcome challenges in the kitchen.

At the end of each year, I do a reader survey and I look closely at your responses and use that to guide me in the type of recipes I’ll create. This year, I noticed an overwhelming amount of responses telling me that you guys really struggle with having time to put together meals for your family and coming up with ideas and inspiration for these meals.

This is such a universal challenge- no matter where you’re at in life, you gotta eat- but life is busy. There has got to be an easier way to enjoy a great meal with great flavor without sacrificing quality time with your family.

As I sat and thought about it, my mission became clear: I need to create a meal you can feel proud to serve to your family without all the effort and hassle for you.

Stop struggling to get dinner on the table and start making dump recipes! With minimal preparation and maximum flavor, these also make fantastic make ahead freezer meals and meal preps for lunches throughout the week. Easy never tasted so good!

So I’m super proud to share the big project I’ve been working on for you guys:

Easy Dinners dump recipe logo

Here’s how it will work:

At the beginning of each month, I’m going to share 5 recipes for dump dinners. These are meals that require just a small amount of prep for you to then freeze for later or dump right into your slow cooker / instant pot / baking pan / grill and let it cook while you relax.

But I’m not stopping there! I want to make things as simple as possible, so in addition to these great recipes, I’m putting together some killer bonus content exclusively for my email subscribers. You’ll find things like earlier access to recipes, printable grocery lists, prep list, batch cooking charts and other awesome and helpful things sent right to your inbox. And all completely free (without any spam and without sharing your info because I hate that as much as you guys do!)

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Let’s get started!

Tonight ( I’ll be going live on my instagram account to talk about it and answer any questions if anyone has them (and be sure to follow along on that account as well since I’ll have giveaways periodically!).

I created a landing page with all the specifics about this series and where you can browse all the current dump recipes on this site. This week, I’ll have two more posts going live. The first will be a few of my favorite tools for making dump-and-go recipes so that you can make sure you’re well stocked. The next will be some general tips and tricks for dump recipes to make it all even easier for you!

And then next week, the first 5 recipes will drop (unless you’re an email subscriber, in which case you’ll see a preview of one of my favorites before then! Sign up here!) and we’ll be off to the races!

I’m so thrilled to put this together for young I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of all these recipes! We had a blast testing these first 5 recipes in our home and my family totally loved all of them!

You can find a full index of my recipes here.

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