Make-and-Take Thanksgiving

I am so excited to share a a project I’ve been working on for a few months for your Thanksgiving prep. It’s truly been a labor of love, but lets rewind for a minute and I’ll start from the beginning.

A woman holding a casserole.

Chatting with you

Anyone who follows me knows that my favorite place to connect with you guys is on Instagram. So a few months back, I asked a bunch of Thanksgiving-related questions and did some polls as well. And your responses were pretty interesting to say the least.

An overwhelming amount of you guys were very clear that you’re less interested in hosting Thanksgiving, but would love help with choosing and preparing something to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. I heard you guys loud and clear so I began thinking about how I can help.

A woman sitting on a counter eating pumpkin pie.

Introducing: Make-and-Take Thanksgiving!

Did you know studies show that many people’s stress increases by 38% during the holidays. This is insane to me, because the holidays are supposed to be a time for us to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. But I also get it. We all have this vision of a picture-perfect feast in our minds but getting there can be half the battle. 

My mission is clear: I want to help take some of the stress out of Thanksgiving!

So I’ve created a series to do just that: Make-and-Take Thanksgiving is a free 5 days series designed to take all the guesswork out of making a killer dish to bring to your Thanksgiving gathering. My goal is to simplify the process and empower you to get cooking!

A gal with a casserole

Here’s how it works:

  • This totally free series runs from November 4th-8th.
  • I’ll be going through the process of choosing and making a Thanksgiving dish-to-pass, with actionable steps sent each day directly to your inbox to streamline the entire process (don’t worry, this will all be seriously easy; no complicated tasks here and absolutely no spam!).
  • This will give you the opportunity to try making the recipe before the big day.
  • There will be a printable guide to help you through the each of the steps and Ill also be over on Instagram chatting through things.
  • Be sure to use #makeandtakethanksgiving and tag me @thelifejolie for anything you share on social media, I love to share those tags in my IG Stories and will be hosting is $100 amazon gift card giveaway throughout the week of the series (more on that in your emails once the series begins)!
  • I’ll also be sending out reminder emails the week of Thanksgiving to help keep you on track with the things you need to do to prepare your dish-to-pass.

A woman in a doorway with a thanksgiving dish to pass

Sounds awesome- how do I sign up?!

Just put in your first name and email address below and you’re in! By signing up you consent to receive emails from me. No spam ever- promise!

I’m so excited to get started and for you join in on the fun!

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

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